Deal of the Century!


Okay, well, maybe that’s an overstatement. Today and today only over on Amazon, PS3 gamers can purchase the original release of Oblivion on PS3 for only $19.99. Might be a nice gift, stocking stuffer, etc. for friends you know that have been hesitant to check out the game. You can let them know they can always pick up Shivering Isles down the road (as we’ve mentioned, we’re working on a way for PS3 owners to purchase this separately).

Purchase the game here.

Is it just me, or is there no way that Sigourney Weaver’s thumb could be that big??

Reader Comments

  1. It says $29 bucks. Did I somehow manage to miss this? Also, if you’re going to do a shivering isles expansion, throw in the rest of the DLC on that disc and throw on that homebrew Kvatch rebuild while you are at it, too! That looks great!

  2. to bad oblivion goty for ps3 has a glich the wich wont take the blood grass in vampier qwest a good game bad problom its like bethesda gets all the awards but dont care about the fans or ps3 fans thanks for nothing you can have my mony but you wont have me as a fan any more