Fighter’s Stronghold Reviews


If you didn’t have chance to get Fighter’s Stronghold for free last week, the download is now available for sale for PC here for $1.89 and on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 150 points. It’s your decision if it’s worth downloading or not, but I noticed a couple of reviews from fans who downloaded the content last week that you can check out. You can read the reviews at Video Game Generation and BRnR (warning: the reviews have some content spoilers).

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Reader Comments

  1. I hope the DLC will be available on the PSN sometime I just purchased the GOTY edition for PS3 which i traded the original Oblivion for this expanded version…i hope i didnt buy it too hastily when they may just include the expansion on a seperate disk or download of the PSN…any thoughts on how long it may take to say okay …every system has every bit of content available now.

  2. Honestly, I think you should fix the issues introduced with this DLC, especially since you are now charging people for it. It’s OK (well, not really) for you to not fix the PC issues, since PC users can fix those themselves, but to not fix this for the Xbox 360 and soon PS3 users is just terrible.
    Can you tell us why we should ever buy any of your games for a console again after we’ve seen how you don’t fix issues with your games?
    There are some really big fan projects out there that fix thousands of bugs in Oblivion, pretty much an encyclopaedia of things you need to fix. It shouldn’t be hard for you to look at those projects and turn them into official patches for both PC and console users. You should still have some cash to spend on this game, you’re still selling Oblivion on PC and the consoles, launching it on new consoles (PS3!) even.

    Anyone who might reply with “let them spend time on TES5/Fallout 3”, guess what? People are playing this buggy game right now, even though it is years old. They should fix the bugs and give us a reason to buy those other games. I’d really hate to be playing TES5/FO3 and hit some stupid bug that requires a workaround that makes playing the game less pleasant, because the developers were simply too lazy to throw us a simple fix. (Read: Lockpicking the Mystic Emporium because the devs didn’t test Fighter’s Stronghold properly and removed the shops owner). The fix for that is so simple, remove the file that edits the shop from the content. PC modders fixed this really quickly, they said it was very obvious by simply looking at the content in an editor. Why didn’t the devs spot it?

  3. “PC users can fix those themselves, but to not fix this for the Xbox 360 and soon PS3 users is just terrible.”

    I totally agree. It’s a minor bug, but to pay for a small add-on that has NOT been tested properly just sucks. Booo!