October Hall of Famers


Well, the end of the month is nearing, so that means a couple things. You can expect Todd to be dressed up for Halloween as Notre Dame’s mascot (truly scary this year), our Fallout Anniversary Contest will be wrapping up in just over a week, and last but not least, Planet Elder Scrolls has inducted its October Hall of Fame entries for mod work on Oblivion.

This month’s honorees are Multitude of Magecraft by Cid88, At Home Alchemy by Syclonix, and Bob’s Armory: Oblivion by Mr. Dave.

The Multitude of Magecraft mod adds more than 50 new spells to the game that are sold by Pyro Manicus near the great tree in Chorrol. Here’s a few examples of the spell you will be be to purchase:

Fairy Fire (Illusion)
Duration: 10 seconds on People, 15 seconds on non-people
This spell creates, when cast upon an object that can recieve it
(most activators, containers, doors, people) creatres harmless fire encompassing the object.
If its cast upon a person, and the caster’s skill in illusion is greater than the
target’s skill in illusion and their willpower, the person, when they notice the fire,
shall run around in terror, positive that they are on fire.

Summon Sword of Burstfire (Conjuration)
Duration: 30 seconds
This spell calls a longsword to the caster.
Every strike will release an explosion of firey energy and set fire to what it touches.
Lift Other (Alteration)
Duration: NA
This spell grabs the target and tosses them high in the air. Causes damage on fall.
Less of a height inside. Has a chance of knockdown.

Syclonix’s At Home Alchemy Mod, based on a popular Morrowind mod Syclonix made back in July of 2005, allows one to apparatus’ within the game without having to worry about them being in your Inventory.

Finally, if you’re to use new weapons and armor Bob’s Armor will offer plenty of options. This mod adds 113 new, original helmets, shields and weapons, which are scattered throughout the game via leveled lists. The image above shows off some of the work Mr. Dave put into the mod.

Congrats guys!

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