Best of Luck, Leo!


It was brought to my attention that one of our community members within the BGS forums, Leo Gura (aka Liquidgraph), has submitted his Oblivion mod, The Lost Spires, for the 10th Annual Independent Games Festival Student Showcase competition. For those that haven’t heard of the The Lost Spires, we talked about it a couple of weeks ago on the blog. You can also check out the mod’s official website here.

Anyhow, lets wish Leo (representing Cal-Irvine) good luck in the festival! Check out information on his submission and others over at IGF’s site.

Reader Comments

  1. He’s quite possibly made the highest detailed, quality quest mod for Oblivion to date.

    Here’s to hoping for a victory!

  2. i love the edler scrolls games and i was just wondering if you guys were ever gonna come out with an elder scrolls that has to do with black marsh because out of all the books in oblivion and morrowind all of the “dance in the fire” books were awesome!!! all i am waiting for is to be able to climb to the city in the trees and the game would be even more awesome if it followed those stories like traveling from the empirial city to black marsh like in video form, then all of a sudden you are in black marsh. my favorite landscapes in morrowind and oblivion were the swampy areas and like blackwood east of leyawiin, and if you guys have already come out with this game then i have never seen a copy and all my games are for xbox. it may not seem that i am that interested but all day long i play oblivion for xbox360 because my original xbox broke so i cant play morrowind, i hope that you guys realize how awesome these games are and once your ideas come together please consider mine i dont want money or my name mentioned once a game like this is published i just want to be able to play it. it took me a long time to beat oblivion due to the fact that there is so much to do and it is all very time consuming and fun!! i repeat i dont want anything from you guys just to be able to play a new elder scrolls, i like to keep it original and i dont use expansion packs i do what the game tells me and that is all, so please think about it and email me asap.. your die hard fan robyn lay.