Spooktacular Work!


We’re two days away from Halloween, and I’ve noticed on a few blogs people that gaming enthusiasts are carving their favorite videogame characters onto their pumpkins (check out some of the examples from Kotaku). I’ve seen plenty of good ones across the internets, with the Weighed Companion Cube one over on Joystiq being my favorite…until now.

Over the weekend, Cameron Swartzell e-mailed me the Vault Boy pumpkin you see above. Definitely gets the “thumbs up!”Here’s another shot of it in the light.

bottom pumpkin.jpg

If anyone else has pumpkin carvings, Halloween costumes, or Halloween-themed artwork relating to our games (check out Brian Cole’s Zombie Vault Boy in our Fan Art section), feel free to share them with us and we’ll try to get them up on the blog .


Oh, and if you’re short on ideas, I suppose you could always re-create “Bloody Mess” with a pumpkin.

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