New Screens from Vault 101


I guess that was a trick rather than a treat :). Anyways, I was downstairs this afternoon, and I was told I needed to check out Ricky Gonzalez’s “Vault 101” costume. It doesn’t look like he needed to go overboard to create a proper costume (that Pip-Boy 3000 seems even more primitive than what Istvan talking about), but nevertheless, he did a great job capturing the look of a Vault 101 inhabitant.

After the break, check out more Halloween screenshots, um, I mean photos.



Here’s another look at our over-the-shoulder camera.



oblivion pumpkin2.jpg

Totally unrelated, but here’s some Oblivion-inspired jack-o-lantern pics I received from Brandon Hannam.


Reader Comments

  1. Rats! I brought a raider costume, but I didn’t wear it because I didn’t see anyone else in costume.

    That’s what I get for spending my time in the cube and working like a sucker!

  2. *I* didn’t see anyone around when I left the Vault, but did that stop me? No way, Buster Brown!

    As my mom always said, “Sometimes, you have to walk out into the wastes and hope you don’t horribly dismembered by Radscorpions”. Good ol’ Mom…

  3. I would love to know where he found his coveralls. I spent the better part of a week looking and trying on several, but never quite found one that looks as clean as his. Awesome outfit.