Top Xbox Live Downloads: October 2007


Fighter’s Stronghold was the Oblivion DLC highlight for October. Hope you were one of the several hundred thousand folks who grabbed it while it was free. My personal favorite download, The Wizard’s Tower, replaced Knights of the Nine in the top 5.

Top Five Oblivion Xbox Live downloads for Oct. 2007*
1. Fighter’s Stronghold
2. Spell Tomes
3. Vile Lair
4. The Wizard’s Tower
5. Mehrunes’ Razor

*ranked by number of times downloaded

Reader Comments

  1. Here’s what I don’t get. Bethesda knows that their DLC’s are still popular, still selling and people are still buying Oblivion. I’d guess that folks are still buying Shivering Isles on both PC and Consoles as well.

    So why did they stop at one expansion? Did the immediate development of F3 really show more promise than more content for Oblivion?

  2. Well, no wonder it’s the first in the top… It’s the newest one (only one in the last few months) and the only one who was free! ( at least for PC), so in that short period of a week everybody rushed to download it. So… this top for October is not really relevant.

    BUT… I think tis DLC top idea is a good one for the future months! Please post the top for a few months more. That way, we could find out which was the best DLC. So, don’t stop now. 🙂 I wonder which will be the most downloaded in a year’s time from now on.