Walking the Walk


One of our artists, Dane Olds, informed me that he and some other folks at the office (see the team photo above) played a couple of friendly matches of Team Fortress II against the developers over a Breakaway, ltd. I asked Dane to write up a little post-game wrap report. Here’s what Dane had to say:

Some of you may know that several of us here at Bethesda have been spending quite a bit of time with the Orange Box. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that a good portion of that time has been spent with Team Fortress 2. So when we received a challenge from BreakAway, ltd. (located nearby in Hunt Valley) we were more than happy to step into the ring.

The Challenge

Greetings fellow sufferers,

We at BreakAway invite you to deepen your suffering this Thursday at 7pm EST. The game is TF2 and the conclusion is foregone. On the other hand, it is our sincere and fervent hope that you find the experience educational as well as painful. You may host the server, using the leftovers from your fine company’s private-jet bar allowance.

Cake and grief counseling will be provided after the match’s conclusion.

Warmest regards,

your friends at BreakAway

The Beat Down

As it turns out our friends over at BreakAway were correct. The conclusion was indeed forgone, our crack team of TF2 players absolutely stomped the competition. I’m going to speak for all of us on the TF2 team and say that we found the match to be very educational. We were able to see what happens when a team’s defense falls to pieces when we rolled over them in dust bowl. It might have been the fastest victory in the history of Team Fortress 2. I can’t be sure as I didn’t know at the beginning of the match that I should be timing it. In this regard I’m sure the match was especially painful for BreakAway.


(click to enlarge)

On a more serious note the match was a total blast. The guys at BreakAway were a ton of fun to play with and were very good sportsmen. The first match of the night was played on 2Fort. The match went in to overtime as Breakaway had 2 captures and we had 1. In overtime we turned it around by killing half their team in the initial rush and sauntered in to claim our victory.

The next map was Dust Bowl and we were on defense. We managed to hold them at the first shack for quite a while but they managed to edge us out of there with a few well placed rockets. They made a valiant attempt but were unable to capture our second point.

Well… You know how the match went when we were attacking.


(click to enlarge)

So in conclusion I’d like to say thank you to Break Away for an awesome match. And if there are any other dev studios that would like to take a crack at us. You know where to find us.


Reader Comments

  1. >>”Cake and grief counseling will be provided after the match’s conclusion.”

    Um…I was told there would be cake.

  2. Hellll yea. That game was really fun. And sorry to the whole team if I talked to much haha.

    We’re definitely looking for more developer competition now, so please, PLEASE, contact us!



  3. Nice one. Hope next time we see some video with inlays of some guy getting seriously annoyed because everybody keeps shooting him. Not that something like that ever happened to me… err…

  4. The concept of Dev teams playing against each other strikes me as equally funny yet awesome.

    Other places of work should set up similar things (I tried when I worked at the Natural History Museum, but no joy). Also, I can’t really see the UK’s limited number of Micropalaeontologists lining up for some FPS action, alas.

    But anyway – looking at the photo at the top, weren’t there any girls getting in on the team action?!

  5. Sadly, we do not have female representation on our team =(

    We accept any within the company who wish to be a part of the competition, but so far none of the female employees have stepped up! =P