Prepare for the future!


In the forums yesterday, wildkarrde put up a post regarding an underground facility 90 minutes outside of Spokane, WA that’s for sale on….eBAY?!? Apparently if you’ve got $1.5 million burning in your pocket (or at least $300K for a down payment), you can essentially purchase your own vault. The facility includes:

  • 160′ Tall Missile Silo
  • (4 Story) Equipment Terminal Buildings
  • 2 – Antenna Silos
  • 100′ Diameter Control Dome Building
  • 125′ Diameter Power Dome Building

Some bad news though. According to the description, “most all of the 1950’s vintage equipment was removed when decommissioned.” Still, it looks like a bargain.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh how I wish I could afford that….

    I mean, it solves my problem of not having an evil lair for my goal of world domination and it’s freaking sweet!

  2. I’ve wanted my own missle silo for so long. think how much fun it would be to tell a girl your trying to impress,”yeah I’ve got a nice little place outside and Spokane.” and then see the look on her face… wait chicks don’t dig old military bases

  3. Sweet. So, if anything bad happens, it’s your own vault!

    (Don’t worry, I’ve been legally barred from making any futher puns for the rest of this decade).