Another batch of Conquest screens


Star Trek: Conquest will be on shelves soon, but before it does, we figured we could share a few more screenshots from the game. The screen above, which shows a Dominion Cruiser flying past Archanis, as well as screens below are all taken within the Arcade aspects of the game.

Also, if you haven’t seen the “Empire” trailer yet, check it out.


Galaxy Class surrounded by Romulan Warbirds


A Cardassian assault fleet


Cardassians attacking a Klingon fleet in the Mira system


Cardassians assaulting a Federation Star Base


Federation cruisers taking a pounding

Reader Comments

  1. Your own poll shows that 62% of folks visiting here do not own a Wii. Who are you targeting with this game when a super-majority does not have the platform for title? PS2 owners?? I’ll say what has been said before. A PC version is needed.