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  1. And once again I ask. When are we going to have the “Fighter’s Stronghold” available in the Xbox Live Marketplace in Spain?

  2. And on the PS3?

    P.S.- I wasn’t going to comment until I saw Lucas Kane’s name, meaning I had an excuse to beat the PS3 Downloadable Content drum again *AND* give a shout-out to one of my all-time favorite games: Fahrenheit.

  3. Also, I just saw the latest poll and I have to say: Lego Elder Scrolls would be a FANTASTIC game *if* (and it’s a big “if”) it plays like an Elder Scrolls game – open-ended gameplay and environments. I think a particularly fun element would be the way you could customize your house: instead of buying extensions and decorations, you could buy blocks and build them yourself. You could put items you got on shelves or mount them on walls. There’s a lot of fun to be had.

    That being said, my hope is that Bethesda does either a Star Trek game using the Havok engine or remakes Daggerfall, which I would love to play an updated version of.

    Oh, and I still want that DLC on my PS3. 😉

  4. i liked the castle but i wish there were some defending missions that is repeatable kind of like the arena. still a cool castle