Elder Scrolls Modding: House Building and Dirty Streets


Here’s a few cool Elder Scrolls mods that you might want to check out for yourself over at Planet Elder Scrolls, as well as details relating to a new contest over at Oblivion Real Estate.

While many modders try to replace textures to clean up the look of Oblivion, Elioden Ward has decided to use his modding skills to trash the city of Bravil. With the “Dirtier Bravil” mod (shown above), the town of Bravil has been touched up to have a dingier apperance to go along with the lore of the city. Hey, is that the Potomac River?

Moving to Morrowind, Catherine799 has uploaded her first house mod for the game. Her mod, the Balmora Treehouse, seems like a place that Frodo or Bilbo Baggins might take a keen interest in, as the home located in Balmora is actually a home built from a tree.

Speaking of homes, if you’re into modding your own for Oblivion, you might want to check out The Oblivion Real Estate’s MORE Challenge. For those that missed this post, Oblivion Real Estate is a site dedicated for modders that have worked on creating new homes for Oblivion using the TES Construction Set. The competition is to build a house using only architecture from the MORE website. You can enter by signing up on the thread at Oblivion’s Real Estate forum (you’ll probably have to join to see the page).

The contest starts on November 15th. For more details, visit ORE.

Reader Comments

  1. Sorry that is my fault, I moved the linked section so that anyone can read and post in it now. They do not have to sign up as a forum member anymore.

    Yes, come and join or cheer the others on. As ORE’s 7th challenge, I am anticipating we will get the best homes yet!

  2. It’s amazing what a game like Oblivion can inspire.

    There’s so many great “city mods” that really distinguish and define the different cities of Cyrodiil.

    I think that’s something Bethesda staff would have liked to have done if they had the time to, before release.

  3. I can’t actually see Bilbo or Frodo being too interested in tree houses, really. After all, hobbits generally live in holes dug into hills.

    Of course, if there’s any recently vacated necromancer caves, they might consider such a decent little fix-me-up…