Star Trek Legacy Aftermath Mod Reaches Stage 2

Tjoz from our Star Trek forums has informed me that their mod project for Star Trek: Legacy, entitled The Aftermath, is coming along nicely as they work towards releasing “Stage 2.” To get a glimpse, check out the trailer above and then head over to download the Stage 2 beta. According to Tjoz, here are some of the plans for this Legacy mod:

  • 13 new and updated registries ranging from the Poseidon class USS Atalanta to the Intrepid class USS White Fox.
  • Enhanced Evolution mode (still in test stages but drastic improvement over the old version).
  • Heavy Armada (Armada mode for the people that want it all, has the largest Armada map too. A massive 250 ships).
  • Light Armada (much smaller environments and not as large fleet engagements).
  • A new and fully scripted one-on-one game mode playable by all races except the Borg.
  • Registry and VO conflicts fixed up. There were a few mismatched registries in the odfs.
  • TNG Romulan improvements. They no longer as gimped as they were before. The Raptor now a serious threat.
  • Era revisions. Some ships have changed era’s while others extend to other eras. Excelsior Refit is now TNG only.
  • Vulcans got themselves a minor overhaul. They are on their way to a mass overhaul soon.
  • TNG Fed revisions. The pecking order been changed here especially with the Cruisers. Akira sits at the top of the Cruiser tree.


Reader Comments

  1. STL has been and enjoyment for me other than multiplayer, where we don’t have a lobby to hang our hats and chat i.e. Armada2.
    Anyway, curious to know if MOD is official patch to be release? When you said “except Borg” was that directed to Multiplayer death match games? I’m a Borg player. If this is geared towards MP is that mean vulcans can be selected?