Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

After plowing through more entries than we ever thought possible, we whittled the list of over 17,000 entries down to the 12 finalists and picked a winner for the Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest. The entry that came out on top was ‘Grim Reaper’s Sprint,’ which restores all your action points whenever you kill an opponent. Congratulations to Marc-André Deslongchamps from Montreal for his winning entry. He selected the PC Grand Prize and takes home a boatload of goodies in addition to getting his Perk in Fallout 3. We’ll have a little interview up with Marc-André today or tomorrow.

But Marc-André wasn’t the only winner, and a lot of folks won some pretty cool stuff for their creative entries, as well as a few lucky folks who were selected at random just for entering the contest: ATI and NVIDIA cards, and an Xbox 360 from Microsoft, keyboards and mice from Logitech, Logitech PS3 controllers, bobbleheads, lunchboxes, etc. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll be hearing from me shortly about your prize(s). Hit the jump for the list of winners and the Perk they submitted.

You can head over to the official site to see the full list of winners and what each of their Perks were. Congratulations to all of them, and thanks to all of you who submitted an entry. Here’s the abbreviated list of who won and what their entry was:

Grand Prize Winner: Marc-André Deslongchamps — Grim Reaper’s Sprint

Runners-Up (in order):
1. Ville Hankipohja — Falling from Heaven
2. Brett Harper — Crazy Eye
3. Kirby Go — Money Talks
4. Melanie Duparc — Deal with the Devil
5. Jacob Eckelman — Tonality
6. Joshua Sims — Clumsy Mother
7. Marco Stockmann — European Accent
8. Christophe Zerr — Schizophrenia
9. Mark Boomsma — Kleptomaniac
10. Mark Jackson — You First
11. Kevin Turner — Nuclear Man

Randomly Chosen Winners (picked randomly from all entries into the contest):
Simon Kavanagh — Starfish Limbs
Julien Jourden — Famous Singer
Lasse Petersen — Puppet Master
Kivilcim Gunbatti — roboboy/master mechanics
Michael Eagen — Liar

Reader Comments

  1. So we will ACTUALLY see these perks functioning in-game as per their description?

    Falling debris from nowhere, half a million cash instantly, nuclear explosion at will? 😀

  2. I think the only one that’s going to make the game (or at least, that’s guaranteed to make it in) is the winner – Grim Reaper’s Sprint.

  3. These perks are just retarded. Were they written by high school students? It’s reassuring to see that they were the Beth team’s favorites. Even if Fallout 3 has a great game engine, the writing will absolutey suck. I have zero confidence in this game now. Problem with the game industry is that it is run by geeks, and geeks are not artists. Stick to writing code and leave the creative stuff to non-geeks who can handle it.

  4. Have you read the descriptions for the perks listed? Some of them actually seem pretty good, while a couple are a bit WTF inducing. And Grim Reaper’s Sprint is only ONE out out of MANY perks that’ll be in the game. They picked a good one.

    Just imagine all the craptacular stuff they had to weed through to get to the stuff that was decent. Now imagine it in a game. As stated in the game ideas post, ideas are plentiful, good ones (or those that are usuable) aren’t.

    I think F3 is in capable hands. While I haven’t played everything Bethesda’s made, what I have played has been impressive. Of course, any change at all is going to upset people. Change of developer, change of publisher, change of engine, change of POV. But that’s how the grenade bounces.

  5. I WON! I WON!

    thanks Pete,

    it’s great to win something. i hope the kleptomaniac perk will be in the game too.

    thanks again guys!

  6. Well, they picked some funny perks thats for sure.

    As for the Grim Reapers sprint, i see that as a more practical perk rather then a funny one. But i see why they´ve picked it for the winner.

    The only consern i have about the game is the humor! i hope to god they remember to make it funny!


  7. Grim reaper perk is scaring me. It seems almost impossible to balance such perk. Game designer must remember all game that player can take this perk, and remade all possible encounters. The boss and bunch of weak monsters will be weaker that boss by himself.
    And, if you think that you can enter in vats in any moment, choose moment when enemy almost dead, and gain full ap with single shot, its seems very strange perk.

  8. I would assume that it’s something that’s not immediately available. While it may be a cheap way to regain AP, I see it really coming to play when faced with multiple enemies. Take one out and you get a second wind of sorts, and maybe you’ll be able to pull it off again. Kind of like an adrenaline boost type of thing when facing tough odds.

    I think it works. Even left alone, I don’t think it will really unbalance the game, but make it so the player’s not at a huge disadvantage when facing large groups.

  9. With poor taste and lack of creativity in these entries picked by NERDS, made by NERDS. You can bet this game will suck. I’m a huge fan of fallout series its a shame these people will ruin what other people created as a work of art. A total lack of disrespect to fallout fans and those who actually put some thought and creativity to theor entries.

    ps. Because in fallout there are random things falling from the sky right? oh wait lets not forget an underworld where you can make a deal with the devil. All these entries are a joke as is the project caled falout 3. I shall preach my thoughts an opinions throught fallout forums. I feel I have been insulted and disrespect by the staff with their lack of work and seriousness. I believe this contest was used to steal peoples ideas in a legal fashion. That why no good entries won. Half of 17,000 entry ideas allready in the game? Right thats not possible nor would anyone be stupid enough to believe that.

  10. To Alex Lezam:

    After reading your flame, I regret to inform you that you fail. Half of the 17,000 entries were not implemented into the game, half of the perks ALREADY in the game were sent in as entries…get it? I feel I have been insulted and disrespected by your blatant inability to comprehend what you read. And no, people are not stupid enough to believe that, but you were stupid enough to think it. Have a nice day.

  11. WTH is with all the hate in comments. I’m sorry I played the original 2 games also and almost all of the perks I’ve read seem very much in keeping with the ‘feel’ of the game. If you feel some of these perks are too far out there or unrealistic you really should review the original perks.

    Yeah the new Fallouts being made by ‘nerds”, so what? So were the last ones and so is pretty much every other game. Will Wright was a nerd last I checked at least.

  12. Gotta admit, while the grand prize winning one is cool (but potentially unbalancing), the majority of the other prize-winning entries chosen were kind of bad. Maybe part of why I feel that way is sour grapes, but honestly, I can see where some of the more negative responses are coming from.

    Though I’m not sure what is with all the slams on “geeks” and “nerds,” I imagine most of us could be called that just for being here, heh. Comes with the territory.

  13. Addendum: By the way, the Deal with the Devil thing? It borders on plagiarism, versions of it have appeared in a couple of other games which use variants of the SPECIAL system (Lionheart and Arcanum).

    Lionheart version (from Gamebanshee page):
    “DARK MAJESTY: Last night you had the strangest dream. A shadowy being approached you with an offer that sounded too good to be true. For simply signing a blank piece of paper, he will make you a warrior of unparalleled puissance. You gain +3 skill points in all of your melee skills, +10% to poison resistance, +1 skill points per level, and a house in a very warm climate in your old age. What a deal!

    Number of Ranks: 1
    Requirements: 6 or lower Perception, 6 or lower Intelligence, Level 11; Sylvants cannot select this perk.”

    Arcanum version (background trait among those listed on terra-arcanum’s website):
    “Sold Your Soul

    * Requirements : All
    * Description : You have made a pact with a demon. In exchange for more magickal power, you have dedicated your life to the pursuit of evil. You gain +20% to Magickal Aptitude, but suffer -20 reaction from others and a -20 alignment (and your alignment can NEVER go higher).”

    I was under the impression that a certain degree of originality was key in this.

  14. I really liked “money talks”, “kleptomaniac” and “you first” perks. Actually money talks is one of the most roleplay perks I have ever met.

    The grand prize winners’ perk although it is quiet good is a little bit overpowered perk don’t you think.

    And as for the other ones I liked them but “the nuclear man”, “falling from heaven”, and “the deal with the devil” shows us again what bethesda is planning about the game their style of thinking. Which is undoubtedly making the game full of clowny details, stupid gore, and lacking a serious sense of humor and roleplay.

  15. grim reapers sprint is totally unbalanced with vats tbh. why couldnt they just make it so that it restores the action points that were used on the hits that kill

  16. Darkhero, in order to be considered plagerism, you need to be useing an authors words without his consent, but the concept of making a “Deal with the devil” is hundreds of years old