Marc-André, Come On Down!!!!!


It’s no small thing to enter a contest and beat out thousands upon thousands of entries to be named the winner. So having risen to the top we thought we’d have a brief chat with the grand prize winner of the Fallout 10th Anniversary contest to find out more about Marc-André from Montréal, the guy behind Grim Reaper’s Sprint: 

How long have you been playing games?
Wow, I’d say around 20 years. I got a NES system back when I was in kindergarten and I’ve been playing ever since.

What’s your gaming platform(s) of choice?
Right now I’d say my Xbox360 and my PSP. Whenever I’m at home, I like to play on my PC or my console, but since I move around a lot, I like to keep my PSP with me (and sometimes my DS, but not so much lately).

Your winning entry was submitted on the first day of the contest, so clearly it didn’t take you long to come up with a good idea. How’d you come up with it?
I was back from work, waiting for my girlfriend to come home, so I was checking the latest news on where I found a post on the Fallout contest. My first idea was the ‘Grim Reaper’s Sprint’ since it was a Perk that made you a bit of an action hero in a last ditch moment. In a situation where you’re clearly outnumbered and outgunned, this could potentially give you the edge to kill everyone in a single turn if you’re insanely lucky. It was the kind of perk that would’ve saved me a lot of times in Fallout 2. I was inspired by the last action sequence in Equilibrium when Christian Bale slays countless guards in one seamless serie of attacks.

What was your reaction when you found out you won?
I was at the office reading my emails before heading home and I was like, what’s this ? Must be a hoax ! Then I read on and noticed it wasn’t, so I was ecstatic.

Tell us a little about your experience with the Fallout series. When did you first play them, what’s your favorite moment or memory, etc?
I remember downloading the demo for Fallout 1 when I was a kid with a 28.8 modem. A few years later I bought Fallout 2 and played A LOT, trying to ‘sculpt’ the best character. I went on with Fallout Tactics. I remember going on summer vacation and bringing the Game Manuals with me for ‘light reading’. My favourite moment of all time is Fallout 2’s intro narrated by Ron Perlman. “War. War never changes”.

What was you favorite Perk from any of the previous Fallout games?

What are some of your other favorite games?
The Deus Ex and Hitman series, Final Fantasy VII and Tactics and of course, System Shock 2 

What are you playing currently?
Call of Duty 4 Modern Combat on X360 and Killzone: Liberation on PSP. 

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  1. Cher Marc-Andre,
    Trou de mon cul.
    J’espere que tu aimes la merde, parce que tu va en bouffer pour longtemps, connard. Bon appetit!

    Best regards.
    Bethesda is the best!