My Faves: Stalag 17, All Quiet on the Western Front


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Here is Emil Pagliarulo, lead designer on Fallout 3, to talk about some of his personal faves.


One of my Favorite Movies: Stalag 17

A lot of people don’t realize that Hogan’s Heroes was actually based on an amazing movie directed by Billy Wilder. Released in 1953, Stalag 17 tells the story of a group of Allied soldiers freezing their asses off in a German prison camp during World War II…back when the men were men, and the women were pinups. William Holden’s character is the outcast of the group, and when things turn sour, the other prisoners suspect he’s a traitor. The performances are outstanding all around, and Otto Preminger is great as the camp’s commandant, Oberst von Scherbach (who served as the model for Hogan’s Heroes’ Colonel Klink). And, the film has that perfect balance of drama and subtle dark humor that Billy Wilder excelled at.


One of my Favorite Books: All Quiet on the Western Front

Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front had an impression on me, as a reader, that no other piece of literature has had since. It was the first book I read where I really felt the author was being completely honest with me. No sanitization, no lies, no promises of valor or honor – just the cold, stark reality of war and the truth about human violence and, ultimately, compassion. I also really admire Erich Maria Remarque for having the guts to stick to his convictions even as Adolph Hitler rose to power – convictions that forced him to flee Nazi Germany. In fact, I admire Remarque and his work so much, I gave my son the middle name “Erich” is honor of him.

-Emil Pagliarulo

Reader Comments

  1. I love “All Quiet on the Western Front”. It was really sad. The movies, however, are just plain horrible. I agree. He really was sending out that anti-war messages straight to me. It needs no historical background. It shows the horror and grimes of war.

  2. I’m sorry for my comments im having a bad day I’m shore western front is good and thanks for making fallout3 good luck with the game and I hope it is going good with the game for your sake have a good day

  3. Interesting. Here’s hoping Bethesda doesn’t sap all originality and excellence out of Fallout like they did with the Elder Scrolls series and Oblivion.