New Elder Scrolls Mods


Welcome back to another update about the Elder Scrolls mod universe. While I was away for Thanksgiving, I received a handful of messages regarding new mods made by you!

For Oblivion, The Priest sent me an email about an expansion mod he has been working on called “Gates to Aesgaard: Episode 1.” The project, which has been in the works for the last five months, is described as an “action/horror quest” where your character will confront “an ancient twisted evil, well hidden in the ages, through a journey in time and space and the hellish kingdom of the ‘Cursed Ones.'” Talking more about the project, The Priest claims the project doesn’t follow the norms of typical RPGs, and also that folks can probably expect a second episode in a few months. Check out the mod’s official site for more information.

As for Morrowind, BGS forum member Yacoby informed me about an update to the Morrowind for Dummies guide. Along with another member, melian, this helpful resource for understanding scripting for Morrowind is now in Version 9. The guide is comprised of scripting functions, tips and tricks, advice for dealing with bugs, and other useful information. To find out more about it, check out his forum post.

In other Morrowind news, Rougetet informed me this week that Vivec Outdoor Mall aka VOM 1.0 is now available for download. A combination of previous Morrowind mods, Vivec Fair and Vivec Market mod, it can be downloaded here and among other features, it adds:

  • A “Sky Ride” hot air balloon ride to the mall (see image above).
  • An underwater diving experience to the mall with both a freshwater and saltwater area as well as above water viewing areas.
  • In-game movie cinematic sequences as part of Sky Ride and Underwater Adventures tours OR you can instead use an optional replacement in-game movie full motion video for the balloon ride and diving tours.

Thanks again for the submissions. If you’ve got a mod project that you’d like to share with the community, shoot us an email and we’ll look into it.

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