Shivering Isles now available on Playstation Network


We’re happy to announce that The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles is available as downloadable content on Playstation Network for $30. This is the English version for North America.

Please note Shivering Isles requires the Oblivion PS3 disc to play. In fact, you can even use the Oblivion Game of the Year PS3 disc too – though, if you own Oblivion Game of the Year (GOTY), you already have Shivering Isles, so don’t purchase Shivering Isles off PSN if you have GOTY. The version of Shivering Isles on PSN is exactly the same as the version in GOTY. I promise.

Getting Shivering Isles to work as downloadable content on the PS3 via PSN (and as a standalone disc!) was a challenging task. Thanks to our technical director, Guy Carver, who did the bulk of the implementation himself. Also thanks for Chris Krietz, our QA Lead, and his group of terrific testers – those guys have been playing the same game in all its iterations for close to two years now.

Reader Comments

  1. so here we are, five years later (I know because i just bought the 5 year anniversary edition of oblivion) and still no small DLC for PS3. with the release date of Skyrim only a few months away it seems highly unlikely that i will ever make spells in the wizards tower or send thieves to plunder, or have a nice dark hole (vile lair) in which i can revel in my vampiricness… word?… idk… i’m very disappointed and a little hurt that nearly another full game with DLC and five years have passed without bethesda even acknowledging our pleas for DLC on the PS3… poorly played bethesda… poorly played…