Top Xbox Live Downloads: November 2007


Fighter’s Stronghold stays at #1 for November, selling more than twice as much as #2, Spell Tomes. I’m still amazed that tens of thousands of people still play Oblivion, to date.

Fun Fact: The average length of a typical Oblivion play session is around 1 1/2 hours**.

Top Five Oblivion Xbox Live downloads for November 2007*

1. The Fighter’s Stronghold
2. Spell Tomes
3. The Wizard’s Tower
4. Mehrunes’ Razor
5. Thieves Den

*ranked by number of times downloaded

**per unique user playing Oblivion while logged onto Xbox Live, worldwide

Reader Comments

  1. I realy hope the PS3 gets the DC the 360 has, realy its a no brainer, people on the sony fourms talk about it all the time and I my self wonder why we have not seen any DC for it yet. I hope its at least in the works and will be out soon to download, cant wait ^^