Excuse the gloom…

For a great deal of Elder Scrolls fans, Morrowind (or even Oblivion) was their first foray into the world of Tamriel. Given that Daggerfall (second game in The Elder Scrolls) isn’t the easiest game to find these days, I thought I’d share the introduction video that I found over on YouTube. For newcomers to the series (like myself) it’s cool to see Uriel Septim VII played by a live actor. For more information on the background of Daggerfall, check here.

For those that are looking to pick up Daggerfall on the PC, since I get asked frequently…we’re currently not planning to reissue the game. Your best bet is to look for a used copy on sites like Amazon or eBay. Pete also suggested sites like http://gametz.com where folks will often trade used games that are otherwise hard to find.

Reader Comments

  1. Two of my friends were asking me a while ago where they might find Daggerfall. Then I got thinking; might you guys post the daggerfall CD online, along the lines of what you guys did with Arena?

  2. That’s a bit of a problem, Andrew, for two reasons.

    First off is the size: Daggerfall’s CD size is comparable to that of Morrowind’s, believe it or not: it’s about 500MB. It’s not so much the STORAGE SPACE that’s a problem, but rather the *bandwidth*; given the high demand for the game, (enough to push used copies of an 11-year-old game to equal brand-new releases) hosting such a file, and having it be *legal*, would almost certainly ensure bringing whatever server it’s on down.

    Secondly, re-releasing it would require scrutiny of some form, such as the ESRB taking another look at it. And in today’s world, the ESRB, which gave Daggerfall an “M for Mature” rating in 1996, would almost certainly give it an “AO for Adults Only” rating today. And such would not bode too well for BethSoft: They would be required to note that their site contained “AO” content, and that would likely get them blocked/shunned by plenty of other sites.

    Yes, it’s sad, but I do agree that it’s not possible that Daggerfall will re-surface anytime in the near future.

  3. I have to admit, I really miss Daggerfall, but as such is the way of all things, let the best things remain in the annals of history, as it were.

    Having said that, I am curious about two things: 1. Who it was that portrayed Uriel Septum VII in the Daggerfall opening sequence, and 2. Why the same person wasn’t used as a model for the emperor in subsequent games (most notably, Oblivion)?

  4. This actor is way better than Patrick Stewart. A great actor too. Uriel seems to have bought a wig (Or a hair spell? Restore Hair 100 pts on self, Damage Speechcraft 100 pts on self, Damage intelligence 100 pts on self), and Ocato seems to have changed a lot since Daggerfall 😀

  5. I’ve always wanted Daggerfall, from what I’ve heard it’s great. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a copy one day, although I doubt that.

  6. I believe the original DF CD had some extra content/demos which inflated its size. The actual game of DF can be compressed down to 50MB or so.

    While I’m not sure of the exact reason why they don’t release the game like they did Arena, I would assume its related to having to support people trying to get it to work on modern computers. It seems much more difficult to get DF running well than it does Arena.

  7. My girl bought me Daggerfall not that long ago, however… I haven’t been able to get it running well on XP. Ever with the DOSBOX type of programs.

    However, It was at the local thrift store. Bonus!

    I’ve met a few folks online that still play Daggerfall.

    I’m tempted to crack open my old dos machine from storage to test it out.

  8. I have not played Daggerfall in years, but I must have played it for about two to three years straight. I never got bored of it and continued playing it until the release of Morrowind which at the time I could hardly contain myself for a new version of my favorite game.

  9. I recently got an ancient computer from a friend all spruced up with Win95, solely for the purpose of revisiting my youth and playing Daggerfall, even though I scratched my CD in a fit of childish pique when the lag-time drove me over the edge. Is this something to be proud or ashamed of?

  10. My favorite rpg of all time! Spent years playing this. For some odd reason evenings were always best to enjoy the game fully. Everything about the game was perfect from the huge dungeons to the soul touching music and varid cities,towns. Oh and cant forget the graveyards of different sizes some with huge underground dungeons.

    Still have my original shiny as new DAGGERFALL cd when it hit the stores two days after halloween in 1996. It was great to see how quickly the patches were released back in the day when the only real way to get patches was through magazines like PC GAMER.

    Thanks Bethesda for being all you can be!

  11. This is one of the best intros. I know, it has no action, but has good acting and is somehow emotional 🙂 For the Emperor! 🙂

    I still palying Daggerfall from time to time, it is a great game, maybe one of the best…

    Ah well, the games never will be the same 😉

  12. @Dave Humphrey – That is incorrect; the bulk of Daggerfall’s size is actually due to the massive sky textures the game uses; there’s one for each combination of time of day, (in 5-minute shifts or so) weather, and location type. It could be possible to replace it with a cheap skybox for massive savings, though it wouldn’t be anywhere near as atmospheric. I must say; Morrowind’s skies had nothing on Daggerfall’s, and even Oblivion’s didn’t quite reach them; pallettization had its distinct advantages, in that the color-shifting was done excellently there.

    At any rate, if I TRIMMED those off, the compressed size, as I recall, would hit around 60-70MB using a maximum-density .RAR format. (*far* superior to the more-common .ZIP and .7Z formats) With them, it was some 200MB or so. These file sizes are based upon a clean “installation” of the game; i.e, this would be an archive that you’d just extract and play; none of the ‘extras’ are part of this, nor are save/configuration files.

    @Shades – There never was a floppy version of Daggerfall; it was much too large for that; read my comments on the size being particularly large.

  13. Oh, and as to mention, while I don’t mind the lack of a re-release of Daggerfall, I do, of course, very much want that TES V be “Daggerfall II.” Since it was pretty clear that such was something that BethSoft *tried* for with both Morrowind and Oblivion, and missed the mark each time.

  14. i never got to play this game buit does the letter concern the birth of martin septim in any way?


  15. I’m new to the Elder Scroll series as of last March. I bought Morrowind because I wanted to experience it (have not started it yet) and watching this makes me want to seek out Daggerfall even though I don’t have an older machine to run it on. I wish I could have been with the ES experience from the beginning… *sigh*

  16. I have played both morrowind and oblivion, I also just became lucky this week to have scored daggerfall and arena on ebay. can’t wait to check them out….