Oblivion (PS3) on sale for the holidays


Just noticed that Amazon is once again selling Oblivion for $19.99, so if you know someone that hasn’t had a chance to play the game yet, it might make the perfect stocking stuffer for a friend or family member. And with Shivering Isles now available on PSN ($29.99), this deal would save you $10 if you were considering the Game of the Year edition of the game.

Click here to view the deal. Offer is valid while supplies last.

Reader Comments

  1. I will try to convince my friend to take advantage of this, as I tried the PC version of Oblivion and it’s more tedious than the PS3 version, in that simple tasks take a little longer or are more meticulous due to the mouse cursor.

    It also looks better 😉

  2. Nottheking,
    The normal Oblivion PS3 comes with Knights of the Nine, so if you get that and Shivering Isles you would have the equivalent of the GOTY edition, only $10 cheaper.

    On a different note, (sorry to pester, but) any word yet on the other DLC coming to the PS3 now that Shivering Isles is on the PSN? It would really be a great Christmas surprise for all us PS3 Oblivion fans waiting in anticipation!

  3. is shivering isles out or coming out on PSN cuz the guy above says its out but its not on my PSN ,I live in the UK oh and is there a standalone disc aswell please reply soon