APB: Gingerbread Man…considered armed and dangerous…

Leave it to Emil to take something as good and wholesome as baking holiday cookies with the kids and turn it into something dark, and sinister, and funny. I’ve included his pics, with his own captions, below. I’d say something here about “that boy needs help” except I think we all know he’s way past that now.


Hail Sithis!



The untimely demise of Lucien Lachance

Reader Comments

  1. LOL! Poor Lucien. It just doesn’t get any more humiliating than that, does it? Now I want a gingerbread Arquen so I can bite her head off…

  2. @BlackIce: I don’t either, and I don’t feel very old.

    Sorry guys, I just think this is messed-up. Killing someone in a video game, ok. Making a poster (or cookies) of it? Nah…