Preparing for the future


This week, a couple of sites, Shack News and Team Xbox, have started making lists of games to look forward to in 2008.

In Nick Breckon’s article for Shack News titled, “The Year Ahead: PC Gaming in 2008,” Fallout 3 leads off the list, where the Fallout franchise is compared to the Star Wars saga with the burning question, “Will it (Fallout 3) be the Phantom Menace that taints the franchise, or the Empire Strikes Back that only enhances it?” I suppose only time will tell, but I’m glad we dropped the planned pod race sequence (*rimshot*).

At Team Xbox, the staff has compiled their “Most Anticipated RPGs of 2008,” where Fallout 3 rounds out the list. Talking about what to expect from the game, they write:

“We’re also expecting that Fallout 3 will have hybrid gameplay elements, such as combat that resembles a first-person shooter—though with more intricacies and nuances. And the little bits we’ve seen reveal character dialogue that could actually be as entertaining as the gameplay. Imagine, a smart, sassy and challenging RPG….”

As we discover new coverage on Fallout 3, we’ll continue to keep you guys updated.

Reader Comments

  1. I know y’all are the developers, and you’re supposed to be humble about your own thing, so let me be the one to say…

    Well, D’UH!

    heheheheh. Cheers, guys!

  2. I must say congrats on the mentions there, particularly on Shacknews’ first pick.

    However, I must say that I SLIGHTLY disqualify those sites: First off, Shacknews’ managed to forget Super Smash Bros.: Brawl. While it’d become high fashion to ignore the existence of Nintendo thanks to the Game Cube, SSB is something else entirely. Their entire list fails because of that absence. 😛

    Likewise, while the list of “most anticipiated RPGs” seemed good, the following line caught my eye… (guess which game it was for) “Nobody has ever questioned the creative mind of Peter Molyneux.” I laughed at that statement. (beat THAT, Petar Molinexu!)

    Still, nice to see that the media are still paying attention!

  3. Well…we were listed first on ShackNews, but I don’t necessarily know if that means were the “1st Pick.” Also, SSBB wouldn’t be listed because it’s a list for PC games.

  4. Man, you just make sure the PS3 gets it at the same time as the Xbox 360 and the PC, and i’ll buy it. Without paying the slightest damn to the reviewers.