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A variety of things going on that I thought I would mention.

Matt did an interview with the folks at Games Radar for an article they were doing on “Are Developers Even Listening?” Matt’s responses are included along with folks from Lionhead, Rare, Epic, and Bungie. Head over to read the full article.

Primotech did their Game of the Year awards and voted Shivering Isles the Best Expansion. From the article:

Bethesda’s last expansion pack does more than throw open the door to a land suffering from a split personality. It adds nearly twenty to thirty hours of new quests, complete with plenty of gear to acquire and the opportunity to find out just how insane a Mad God can really be.

GameZone has posted their review of Shivering Isles for PS3, giving it a score of 8.5. From the review

Shivering Isles for the PS3 is an excellent expansion to the main game and one that will have you loving every minute of this new setting. As far as expansions go, this one is a deep and involving addition to an already massive game and, like most fans, this is perfectly fine with us. If you own The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you really can’t go wrong with this expansion.

Read the full review here.

Roger Alitzer included Oblivion on his list of the Top Ten PS3 Games of 2007. Oblivion comes in at #7.

On the Print side, you’ll find mentions of Fallout 3 here and there as magazines are coming out with their “Best of” lists for 2008. The January 2008 issue of PC Gamer (US) has a spread of a new screenshot from Fallout 3 showing the battle outside the elementary school from the demo as part of its “Top 8 Games of 2008” feature that says “Fallout 3 is primed and ready to be the biggest, meanest, and most engrossing RPG of 2008.”

On page 96 of that same issue you’ll find a section on “Oblivion Mods you haven’t heard of, but have to download” with nice writeups on Lost Paladins of the Divines, Midas Magic Spells of Aurum, The Lost Spires, and Clocks of Cyrodiil.

Last but not least in that issue is an article written by our very own Todd Howard called “Into the Genre Blender” that talks about RPGs being defined by the experience, not the interaction. I should take this opportunity to note that Todd never had anything to do with Origin Systems (we have no idea where that came from).

PlayStation The Official Magazine (Jan 08 issue) put out their list of the Top 10 Games of ’08 and have Fallout 3 in at #5 complete with an interview with Emil and a couple screens you may not have seen before.

And, if you still haven’t sorted out how to make your way through Oblivion yet, The folks at PlayStation The Official Magazine have put together their own complete guide to Oblivion that covers everything from creating your character to lighting the Dragonfires in the Ultimate PS3 Strategy Guide they just released for the holidays.

Finally, listed their Top 10 PS3 games of the year.  Oblivion made the list at #7.

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