Bethesda and Bioware Brawl


As mentioned before, many of our devs take Team Fortress II pretty seriously when playing against other studios. This past week was a big one, as the Vault 101 Dwellers took on the boys from Bioware. Check out our very own Nate Purkeypile’s summary of the victory. It’ll be remembered here at the office as “Mass Beatdown.”

Last night, two titanic forces met in a battle of epic proportions. A prophet foretold of the match ages ago and said that two studios would have a battle to decide once and for all, who was the best RPG studio…well, or who was better at a multiplayer shooter. The day… was a Thursday. The maps would be Dustbowl and 2fort.

The first match was on Dustbowl, with our guys starting on defense. Bioware rushed out of the gate with heavies, demomen and plenty of ubers to go around. As Bioware’s forces pushed on the first point, our forces on the point fell and Bioware was able to capture the first point. Our forces quickly fell back to the second point and setup sentries and dispensers surrounding the point.


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Dane Olds, in true Heavy fashion, stood on the point laughing manically as bullets and rockets flew everywhere. Bioware made a number of pushes on the first point using one uber after the other, however, we held strong and stood on the point to prevent these captures.


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Eventually, using ubered demomen, Bioware was able to capture the second point with two minutes left. They had two more sections of Dustbowl to capture to score a point though.


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The second section of Dustbowl started and all of Bioware’s ubers were pushed back and they were not able to get close to the point. Sentries were attacking them from all angles and one of our top notch snipers, Ryan Salvatore, was keeping them at bay. Eventually we were pushed off of the first point. We knew we had to hold the second point otherwise Bioware would have a time added to the clock and only one more section to cap. As the ubered heavies came, all of the engineers ran to each others sentries to make sure that no matter what, those sentries would never go down.

The time was winding down, but Bioware’s forces were starting to press in on our last point. We started to panic, there were too many of them, and they were getting too close. It was only a matter of time before ubered heavies came raining down on the point. People cried out, “We need a pyro! We are going to lose the point!” At that point, I switched off of the engineer team to become a pyro. As soon as the new pyro was on the field, torrents of flames swept through the Bioware ranks. It was not one or two of them that died, but in fact, their entire team. Bioware’s ranks were decimated by the flames, and they were pushed back from the point entirely. The team cheered as the smoke cleared from the capture point, the time had expired. We had successfully defended the capture point and earned a point for the team.


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Now it was time for us to be on the offensive on Dustbowl. As the gates opened, one uber after the next pushed onto the point as our forces swept through. Bioware was barely able to hold the point and started to fall back. Bioware tried to build sentries in the tunnels to stop the advancing forces, but as we rounded the corner, a spy sapped all of their defenses and their turrets were completely destroyed. With their defenses down, capturing the final point was a simple task for and we had achieved victory.

The second part of Dustbowl started, and the heroes from Bethesda came screaming out of the gate again with ubers left and right. As their distracted forces tried to take out the medic/heavy combos, our other players were flanking their forces and sapping their turrets. One cleverly hid turret in a shack did some major damage to the team, but we snuck around their left side, bypassing their turret and capturing the point. As our forces pushed forward to the second point, our spy snuck onto the point as a demomen, and waited. The instant that the medic/heavy combos burst onto the point, the spy hopped into action, disabling every single turret in sight. With their defenses disabled, their engineers were not able to do anything as sentry after sentry fell. The team rushed the point as they massacred the remaining people, and the second section of Dustbowl was captured.The last part of Dustbowl was by far the hardest to capture, it took longer than the rest, but in the end, we overcame Bioware’s defenses and took the final point. we had scored another point, so the score was 2 to 0.


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The last part of the match had come at last, and it was the one we dreaded most. 2fort. A map as old as time itself and one that required us to split the team into an offensive strike force and a defensive force to guard the base. Initially, Bioware tried to scout rush the base. Our defenses were already up at that time though, so scout after scout fell to sentry guns and Fred Zeleny’s flamethrower.The match went on and on as both team mounted attack after attack. Eventually both teams had 2 Intel captures; one more would land a team the final point.


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We got the enemy Intel into its own sewers, but Bioware guarded it until the time expired. However, since Bioware put so many resources into guarding this sewer area, once the Intel reset, Daryl Brigner was able to waltz into their Intel room and take the Intel without any interference. As Daryl came back into our base with the Intel, a grave realization came to him…“I’ve never captured this thing before. Where am I supposed to take it!?” As people yelled out directions to Daryl, Bioware desperately tried to rush into our base to stop him. Yet our directions were true, and the Intel was captured.

We had won the game, 3 to 0. A great victory for the team. Our thanks to the guys at Bioware for a great time.

Reader Comments

  1. In my own defense, I didn’t ask where to cap the flag because I’m a noob, it’s quite the opposite. I played the original Team Fortress, and the cap point was on the roof, that’s why I asked where to take the flag (intelligence).

    Also, if any of the scores were posted, you would see that I am, in fact, not a noob.

    Am I a noob for being so defensive about NOT being a noob? Maybe……..maybe.

  2. Hahhaa to Daryl::
    I think it just threw us off guard when you said it. Also it was really funny considering you been a heavy every game and then seeing spies disguised as scouts with your name on them made are job 10 times easier. Soon realizing that you were playing a scout all along. =-D I thought when you said it you were a slow heavy waddling around the base trying to find the drop point.

    2Fort I was the weak link in the team leaving my gear open to saps… ::Sigh::. Good Job picking up the slack thou Fizzbang and every one on the Offense team for getting the Intel flag!

    This may sound repetitive, but awesome job every one and many thanks to Bioware for playing. They have been the hardest competition of yet (Retro studios on “Well” is a close second if not tied).

  3. I dropped out for the 2fort match, but I really wish I could have seen it. Sounded like it was a really good fight. While it seems like we steamrolled Dustbowl, the defensive half was a nailbiter and a LOT of fun. I’m glad I was a part of that (though, next time maybe I won’t be an engineer =P)

    Bioware definitely sent a great bunch to represent them though. We can only hope our future challengers won’t be as organized as these guys were.

    We’re always looking for more developer challengers though! Contact us!