My Faves: Iain Banks


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Bruce Nesmith, our studio’s Design Director, talks about one of his favorite authors.

I love almost anything written by Iain Banks. One of his early novels is called Player of Games. Come on. How could I possibly pass up a book with that title? The hero of the story is a man in the far future who is one of the galaxy’s best gamers. Now that’s a hero I can sympathize with! Not that I’m the galaxy’s best gamer, but I wish I was. Player of Games is also one of the first books about the Culture, Iain Banks far flung galactic civilization. It’s great stuff. His imagination and writing are stellar. I really can’t understand why this guy hasn’t won a Hugo or Nebula yet. I can’t wait to read his latest book, The Algebraist. As a math geek, he once again has me hooked just by the title.

-Bruce Nesmith

Reader Comments

  1. Definitely one of the best Sci-fi authors ever.
    The Algebraist was quite good to – a bit weird, but just as the bests of Banks: Culture vs some-unknown-inhuman-yet-marvellous civilisation.
    This time in a Gas giant…

  2. On the subject of SF gaming books, have you read any of the Dream Park series by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes (Dream Park, The Barsoom Project & The California Voodoo Game)?

    They’re based on futuristic LARPS in a computer controlled environment with competing teams. Pretty cool actually.

  3. I agree, Banks really is a good author.

    The first book I read of his was “Against a Dark Background”. Fantastic read, so now I’m waiting for Christmas to get the first in his Culture series, “Consider Phlebas”!