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Little bit of everything in this round up.

Over at Yahoo the YVG crew has put up their list of the 10 Best Games of the Last Decade and has included Oblivion as their pick for 2006, noting:

“There are big games, there are huge games, there are epic games, and then there’s Oblivion.”

Always cool to see your game on a list like this. Head over to see the full list and what else they had to say about their pick of Oblivion and their other nine selections.

I also noticed a note over at TGR that the videogame symphony tour Play! has announced some new dates, and since it features the music from both Morrowind and Oblivion, I thought it was worth nothing it’s headed to Fort Worth and Seattle in January ’08 for two shows at each stop. Visit the Play! site for more info.

Meanwhile Star Trek Games has put up a review of Conquest by Chris “ChessMess” Koerner, giving the game an 83%. Here’s the opening salvo from Chris’ review.

So I’ve been involved in Star Trek games for nearly 10 years, playing them, starting fansites for them, and even working as a developer on them. I’ve seen some great ones, and I’ve seen some ghastly ones. Thus it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when I learned about a new Star Trek game being created called Conquest and how it would be sold as a ‘value game’ my reaction was tempered with a healthy (and somewhat heavy) dose of skepticism. Value games are often about as enjoyable as a case of the Phage. Imagine my surprise when I found myself glancing at the clock which read 2:13 AM and realized with a bit of a shock that 4 hours had flown by and I hardly noticed. Now that’s a sign of a good game in my book. After quite a few games I’m of the opinion that, overall, Star Trek Conquest hits the sweet spot for Star Trek fans who want some casual gaming goodness set in their favorite universe. It’s not without its faults and we’ll get to those, but overall I think you’ll find it a good play.

If, like me, you like Trek but aren’t a Trekkie and have no idea exactly how enjoyable a case of the Phage is, I’ve done the work for you. Phage is “a gruesome disease that destroys genetic codes and cellular structure” and was the name of an episode of ST: Voyager that concerned an alien race plagued by said disease who scavenged healthy organs from other beings to in order to survive. I’m sure someone will have a comment about how I didn’t get that exactly right, but there it is.

If you want to know more about Conquest, you can read the rest of ChessMess’ Conquest review.

Fallout 3 got mentioned in a few spots I thought I’d point out. TGR put up a list of their 10 most anticipated games of 2008 and has Fallout 3 in at #3 behind Halo Wars and GTA4…not bad company to be in. Head over to read their full list.

In addition, Primotech continues to churn out their list of favorite things from 2007 and mentioned the Fallout 3 trailer teaser trailer as a runner-up for Best Trailer. Assassin’s Creed took home the prize and other runners-up were the Halo 3 Diorama and Starcraft 2 cinematic. Again, nice company to be included with.

UPDATE: Ure “Vader” Paul from ActionTrip has put up a feature, entitled “2008: The Gaming Year Ahead,” that highlights Fallout 3 as one of the RPGs to look foward to next year.

Reader Comments

  1. Hmm, Mafia is not included in Yahoo’s list. Too bad. The game really deserves this, no matter the year in which it was released.

  2. Obviously these lists are subjective and all… but I’m officially out of it, since I’ve played a few hours of KoTOR and a few minutes of Oblivion from those listed games…