What we’re playing: Home for the Holidays edition


With Christmas being early next week, folks at the office have a little extra time to play some games. For those with plenty of vacation time (including folks who already left for the remainder of the year….BTW, I’m jealous), it’s the perfect time to catch up on all the year’s best games.

Since I’m heading out to Las Vegas tonight, I’ll be playing Phantom Hourglass on the plane. After that, I’ll be playing plenty of games, but not ones that require a console. C’mon big money!

Here’s what other folks will be playing…

Fred Zeleny, A Gamer For All Seasons: Fallout 1 (I’m dreaming of a brown Christmas), Rock Band (not-so-little drummer boy), and taking a brief tour through World of Warcraft again (to spread some season’s griefings).

Rafael Vargas: This week I am playing Mass Effect

Ricardo Gonzalez, Hollow Shell of a Programmer: WoW for now. They say I’ll have to stop to attend Christmas Eve, but I’m working on that. Just a few more feet of extension cord…

Angela Browder, Associate Producer: The Last Express, Golden Compass, Conan, CSI: Hard Evidence, Sam & Max Season One: Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!

Shannon Bailey, Programmer: Persona 3, Eternal Sonata, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Nate Purkeypile, Rust Expert: Mass Effect, Rock Band, Super Mario Galaxy, PGR4 and honing my skills at backstabbing entire teams in TF2.

Orin Tresnjak, Graphics Programmer: Crysis, Orcs & Elves

Nate Ellis, Design Intern: I’ll be on vacation so it’s all DS, all the time… Puzzle Quest and Brain Age are definitely going to get played. I’m considering picking up Dementium, Geometry Wars: Galaxies, or maybe Lego Star Wars.

Michael Wagner, Marketing: Mass Effect, Hellgate: London

Jesse Tucker, Level Design: Rock Band, UT2k4 (TAM, iCTF), Assassin’s Creed, UT3

Gary Noonan, Character Animator: Not really playing anything, but downloading mod after mod after mod (rinse and repeat) for Oblivion and checking them out so I can steal ideas from fans to make my next billion dollar game. 😉 There are some insanely awesome mods out there. TES has the BEST mod-base community ever! You guys and gals rule!

Emil Pagliarulo:
Tabula Rasa, World of Warcraft, and the Golden Compass with the kiddies. Remember when I said I swore off MMOs? I lied.

Erin Losi, Marketing: Portal, Half-Life 2

Jared Angus, QA Tester: Mario 64 DS

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: LotRO, Folklore, UT3, Eye of Judgement (WHY is the AI so #$%&@! HARD?!)

Pete Hines: Since I’ll be away from my PC and 360…Picross, Final Fantasy Tactics, Jeanne D’Arc

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: Phantom Hourglass, Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack, other slots, Uncharted when I get home (so far, it’s fantastic!)

Jason Little: PacMan CE, Zuma, Halo 3, Monolpoly Board Game(Holiday Tradition), Uno

Nathan McDyer, Associate Producer: Rock Band, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Craig Lafferty, Producer: Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, The Witcher, The Simpsons Game, Gametap

Matt Ouzounian, Quick Acclamation: Team Fortress 2, Mass Effect… but most of my weekend will not involve gaming.

Dan Geske, QA: If I have a spare moment this weekend, it will probably be something easy and quick to start/ can be dropped at a minute’s notice, like WoW (gringing to 70 with a holy priest ain’t all it’s cracked up to be) or Battle for Middle Earth.

Reader Comments

  1. Happy Holiday’s and go uncharted on my 3rd time finishing it (easy and normal done, hard is up next)

    always nice to see you guys playing a wide variety of games

  2. Only one person playing The Witcher? That should be compulsory play for any RPG designer! CDProjekt could be rivalling you guys as my favourite game designers soon as I play through The Witcher.

  3. Here we go.. Everyone starts with 10 points.

    Fred Zeleny: +3
    Rafael Vargas: +1
    Ricardo Gonzalez: +1
    Angela Browder: +1
    Shannon Bailey: -2
    Nate Purkeypile: +2
    Orin Tresnjak: +1 (That’s how you named The Blacksmith in Anvil Castle.. Sneaky buggers, naming characters after yourselves..)
    Nate Ellis: +2
    Michael Wagner: +2
    Jesse Tucker: +4 (We have a winner..)
    Gary Noonan: +3 (Thank you, we enjoy being congratulated. Although I actually mod Morrowind..)
    Emil Pagliarulo: +2 (Don’t lie)
    Erin Losi: +2
    Jared Angus: -1 (You and Angela hang your head in shame)
    Aaron Mitschelen: +2
    Pete Hines: +0
    Matt Grandstaff: +2
    Jason Little: -1 (Holiday Traditions don’t count)
    Nathan McDyer: +1
    Craig Lafferty: +2
    Matt Ouzounian: +2
    Dan Geske: +2

    Wow, I actually did everyone.. Have you ever realised that there aren’t that many of you?

    Now, in light of the season, i’ve been fairly generous in the marking. Not that you actually care about this thing anyway.. Oh, and Merry *&@%ing Christmas.

  4. You actually rate them based on how much you like they games they play BlackIce? Life must be going slow where you come from.

  5. I started playing The Witcher this weekend — but it runs like a slideshow on my PC, even on Low settings 🙁

    This is with the latest patch & drivers. 2GHz P4 (yeah) with Radeon X1300.

    Loved the opening cinematic, though. They need to release a 360 version of this game. I’ll try to tweak things a bit during the break to see if I can improve the performance.

  6. Just upgrade the graphics card. 100 bucks is enough for NvidiaGT 8600 that will make the game toooooo fast and shiny.

    I have an X1300 on my laptop, it’s good but gaming material.