A Bethesda Holiday Wish List


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the development house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even Fred

The stockings were hung, by the chimney with care

In hopes that Rock Band, Mario Galaxy, and Bioshock would soon be there…

My apologies…that’s pretty terrible. Nevertheless, it’s Christmas Eve and folks at the office wanted to share what they’re hoping for this holiday season….whether they were naughty or nice…

Angela Browder, Associate Producer: an iPhone, my very own armored polar bear, the Dragon Warrior games to come out on the Wii’s virtual console, to have no more of my neighbors trees fall on my house.

Ricardo Gonzalez, Good Boy All Year: Rock Band, a Epic mount, a empty bug list, and more of the same goodness I already have, for me and everyone else.

Shannon Bailey, Programmer: Super Mario Galaxy, Rock Band, a PSP, a 6-string bass.

Pete Hines: A Bojangles Cajun filet biscuit with an iced tea, time with the family, time with my stack of yet-to-be-opened games, the Company of Heroes beta for multiplayer automatch so Kurt and I can go online easier to find a decent opponent for our lunchtime fix, an official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.

Nate Purkeypile, Engineer’s Worst Nightmare: More TF2 maps from Valve.

Orin Tresnjak, Graphics Programmer: To “walk with you through that lucent / wavering forest of bluegreen leaves / with its watery sun & three moons / towards the cave where you must descend.”

Michael Wagner, Marketing: To find that last 21st keeper in Mass Effect. It’s driving me crazy.

Jesse Tucker: A new PC, Better menus and customizability for UT3, more time to play games.

Gary Noonan, Character Animator: I wish Santa would pay off my car, my mortgage, and let me sleep for 3 straight days without having to pee. Oh, and I want someone to put out a game that I REALLY want to play. I am bored.

Emil Pagliarulo: Doctor Who on DVD (I really need to check those out.), Rock Band, a PSP, a PS3.

Jared Angus, QA Tester: Games for the Wii and DS that actually take advantage of wi-fi capability to the fullest…particularly Smash Bros.

Nate Ellis: This year’s been pretty good to me so I’m going to say I want another year of moving forward, a presidential election result I like if not love and good things for everyone…and I wouldn’t say no to Rock Band if it came my way. 😉

Dan Ross, QA: An Xbox 360. Oh and a big TV to play it on. Oh and a surround sound sys…ok fine, maybe just a bigger monitor for my computer. 🙁

Nathan McDyer, Associate Producer: The writers strike to end so that Reality TV doesn’t come back, Commanders and Rez HD to come to XBLA.

Daniel Teitel: Brian Billick tarred and feathered, tied to a paddle boat, and sent floating out into the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: Maybe an iPhone or an iPod touch, a win for Lloyd and the seniors against Florida, and good times for everyone.

Jason Little: What I want for the holidays is for Kevin Smith to break Barry Sanders’ rushing record against So. Miss. Oh, and joy and happiness for the world.

Fred Zeleny, Professional Green Man: Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards All, and a Magical, Time-Traveling, Space Harem. But I’ll be happy enough with just the first two.

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: A booster box of Eye of Judgment cards! Why are these things so hard to find?!

Megan Sawyer, Environment Artist: For the writers strike to be resolved, but only after Jericho airs, so it has a fighting chance of getting renewed for the fall. Also, maybe some DS games, and if they can invent one in time, a hoverboard.

Ashley Cheng, Producer: Warmer weather.

Phil Nelson, Spawner Of Overlords: My life to be more like an action movie, a PS3, a bigger TV, Dexter season 3, the ability to jump kick objects into orbit.. and I guess peace on earth or that happy children stuff or whatever.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: More DVDs! (I’m near 600 now), Hellgate patch 1 to be released, and more free time to play games outside of work!

Matt Ouzounian, The Grinch: To be rid of this accursed ringing in my ears, for people to stop using craptastic custom maps in TF2, and for Exo Squad and Pirates of Dark Water to be released on DVD.

Dan “Wrestling Santa” Geske, QA: I gotta neaten up everything in the house, so I guess “Santa’s Cleaning Elves”? Also, some DVDs of my favorite movies and/or TV shows both old and new. But, if my pattern recognition skills are accurate –with a 9 in perception, they should be 😉 — I’ll be getting plenty of shirts, underpants, and socks. Which isn’t a bad thing. A lot of my shirts seem to have gone missing….


Reader Comments

  1. I’m not sure what sort of accent you have Matt, but where I’m from “house” and “Fred” do not rhyme 😀

    On that note, if Fred is content with peace and good will I’ll gladly take that magical, time-traveling, space harem off his hands!