Oblivion Real Estate Interviews Erik and Megan


The folks at Oblivion Real Estate put out their most recent newsletter highlighting some things from around the community including the winners of The MORE Homes Challenge, their official holiday mod, and the always-entertaining PrincessStomper interviewing designer Erik J. Caponi and artist Megan Sawyer.

The interview covers a number of things related to what Erik and Megan do for a living, as well as their interests and whatnot and is quite lengthy and entertaining read, particularly the part about Erik being strikingly handsome. I could get maybe “looks like he could be the lead singer in a band at any given moment,” but strikingly handsome? If you were at a party with him and told someone he was in Queens of the Stone Age, they’d totally believe you.

Head on over to check out the interview and the full newsletter.

Reader Comments

  1. Great, now I’ve been baited into responding. :p

    I see how nobody remarks on my similarly accurate description of Megan. Blatant sexism that is. Or something.

    (Yes, Todd, you’re *still* the fairest of them all. Sheesh.)

  2. Probably because your description of her didn’t catch me off guard like your description of Eric did.

    And we always enjoy hearing from you, no matter the reason. 🙂

  3. Interesting and all to see what they had to say, but a line or two bothered me having to do with lack of shooting for a rating in the Elder Scrolls games. I’d ask you ensure the next game rates an M and catches the eye of Joe Lieberman.