Play Fallout 3 before anybody else does!

We’re hiring for testers in our Quality Assurance department! We tend to favor candidates with programming experience but most importantly, we want people who are fans of our games.Why would you want to work in our QA dept? I’ll give you two reasons.1. We use our QA testers as interns throughout the year. These interns are typically among our top testers, and they sit with the development team, attend meetings, and work on our games directly. So if you kick major ass as a tester here, there is a good chance you’ll be a candidate for one of those intern slots.

2. When we have a job opening on the development team, we look internally first to fill them, so our QA dept gets an inside advantage.

Check out our jobs page for more information on how to apply. For more information about life as a tester at Bethesda Softworks, check out the Inside the Vault interviews with current/former QA testers including Will Noble, Chris Krietz, Alan Nanes, and Nathan McDyer.

Reader Comments

  1. Once at my company we actually did have to tighten up the graphics on level 3 and we lost about 15 minutes to uncontrollable laughter.

  2. “Something to say?” -Actually, yes..
    Releasing all pc mods for Oblivion on the PS3 would make me by the PS3 version.
    Thanks 🙂 *hugs*

  3. I’d be up for it. Still in High School, but I get out towards Rockville 2-3 days a week, and I’d be willing to sign an ND agreement and “take my work home” with me. If necessary.

    I think I might submit an application.

    By the way, any word on if such testers would also get to test the mythical construction set that may or may not be in development for FO3?

  4. Is anyone surprised Brother None drops in with an “I’m pissy” bomb at times like these anymore?

    Seriously… anyone?

    I’m testing too many games right now, and honestly wouldn’t want to test out F3. Even if it was here in Chicago, staring me in the face… with a Potbelly sammich (that says something).

    I do kind of wonder if you guys get flooded with apps on a daily basis or not. I’d be willing to wager yes times infinite?

  5. The requirements state you must have previous experience doing QA on console or computers. Can you add cellphones games testing to that please? I’ve tested hundreds.

  6. [email protected] said on :

    It’s great. Be a tester of Fallout 3!
    I want it!

  7. Will you take testers from Russia??We are big fans and I’m real fan of FALL!!
    I have experience in object programming, and I know english like American:)

  8. Hello!
    I veri like Fallout and I play any versions.
    If i have testing Fall – 3 We have veri more information about this game(erors and bags)
    I like Fallout
    I living in Fallout
    I wont testing Fallout

  9. Hello!
    I would like to be a beta tester of sequel best game as i play!
    I spent many man-days playing Fallout 1,2 and i will be happy test and improve Fallout 3.
    By the way, i am professional QA lead and i have 7 years experience in software QA. So if you decide to admit me ti tester of Fallout 3, just contact with me !

  10. I want to test F3.i am a big fan of fallouts world!
    if you make me the tester i say all wat are bad bugs and other… My life is fallout! and sori for my bad english im only 7 weaks learn it.


  11. Looks like a good opportunity! I wonder how stringent the “QA Tester experience” part is though, since these people enter as interns. >_>

  12. I am currently enrolled as a Game and Simulaiton major at DeVry University, and I have been interested in an internship with Bethesda Softworks since Morrowind came out. I absolutly adore The Elder Scroll series and I am very interested in seeing what Fallout 3 has to offer. I currently reside in the state of New Hampshire, but am more than willing to relocate for the chance to learn what the employees at Bethesda have to teach me.

  13. Have the fallout russian’s funs a chance to test “fallout3”??
    I’ll play fallout1, fallout2 and this is my favorite games =)(RPG’s is my favorite games)

    I am 19 Y.O.

  14. Hello. I playing FO 1 and 2. I want to help you with testing FO 3.

    I’m a lead programmer in my job and have experience in developing tile-based and 3D-based game engines. Also i working on Wasteland Wolf project ( and understands RPG-game concepts.

    If i can help you, please send me e-mail.

  15. Will there be a ps3 update for fallout 3 anytime? Particularly for the recently released Mothership Zeta?

    The new dlc has alot of bugs. One in particular is that when you find General Chase’s Overcoat, while the proper icon is displayed on the pip-boy screen, it appears in gameplay as winterised combat armour. On top of that, the “Anchorage Quartermasters Shipment” note is bugged and simply doesnt play

    Can this be solved by update and would it work if you already picked up the overcoat?

  16. The Elder Scrolls series is divine. Fallout is awesome. I would love to play the new one now. Be more than happy to tell you what i think. I keep playing all of them in hopes of finding something that i missed. On a side note, many people that have played oblivian have never played Morrowind. I was thinking if it was revamped a little a released on PS3 it would be great.