Top Xbox Live Downloads of 2007


2007 marked the release of the official expansion pack, Shivering Isles, Fighter’s Stronghold, and the worldwide release of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year. Since Xbox Live was announced, we’ve released downloadable content in ways no other Xbox 360 games have.

Fun Fact: 2% of Oblivion players have successfully earned all the achievements, including Shivering Isles**.

Top Oblivion Xbox Live downloads for 2007*
1. Shivering Isles
2. Fighter’s Stronghold (free promotion)
3. Knights of the Nine
4. Spell Tomes
5. The Wizard’s Tower
6. Vile Lair
7. Thieves Den
8. The Orrery
9. Mehrunes Razor
10. Horse Armor Pack

*ranked by number of times downloaded

**per unique user playing Oblivion while logged onto Xbox Live, worldwide

Reader Comments

  1. Clearly the demand is still high for the PS3 DLC, seeing that the first comment on this page is a PS3 hopeful. =)

    I hope that Sony allows it soon.

  2. I agree with Neo, demand is huge for DLC on ps3. Just head on over to the Playstation forums Oblivion section and ask ;). If you guys release the DLC for ps3, I will buy every single one within 30 seconds.

  3. Add me to the list as well for DLC on the PS3! I’m getting tired of my Xbox buddies telling me how cool the stuff is! I’m just glad we got Shivering Isles for now, but I want the thieves den and the orrery at the very least. BTW, keep up the good work on the Oblivion front!

  4. Add me to the list of D/l content on the PS3 hopefulls. Not only is the content great but it would also cure the GoTY Vampire cure glitch because one of the mods has a Vampire cure.

    I also would buy them all of them in 30 seconds.

  5. Add me as well. As someone who’s owned all four console versions of Oblivion, I feel that the GOTY edition for the PS3 is the console version to own, and the only thing holding it back is the lack of DLC.

    Please bring us PS3 owners the DLC to complete our Oblivion experience. Many of us would happily fork over the cash for these excellent downloads to an already excellent game. We deserve to have this content just as much as the PC and Xbox 360 users do, and now that The Shivering Isles is up on the PSN, the other DLC should (hopefully) follow.

    Please keep us up to date on this, as the usual “we’re looking into it” doesn’t ease our worries.

  6. I’m just as much a fan of Oblivion as a xbox or PC owner, yet I feel I’m not as appreciated as much as them.
    I would gladly buy most of the DLC if given the chance of course, and the long delay isn’t what bothers me. Instead, it is the uncertainty of getting it at all that really bothers me. I figure if the custumer next to me gets fries with his burger I should be able to get the same.

  7. i totally agree with zachary ps3 owners are under appreciated…an example of this is dlc and the european version of goty or the distinct lack of them…its just not good enough xbox and pc both have them and the only answer bethesda give us “were still looking into it” utter rubbish i am totally sick of waiting for it…im sorry to say bethesda has lost a very unhappy customer

  8. i would also be happy to see shivering isles available for download on the PSN

    on the PS3 oblivion boards there has been a lot of talk about this – i known a lot of the users said they sent emails to betheseda about this – just wondering if it would be released on the PSN soo – i would buy it

  9. Oblivion is one of those games that people by a system to play. A friend of mine just made his decision to buy XB360 because of it’s advantage in DLC. Sony needs to do something to remove this as an issue.

  10. Every single post on this page has been by a PS3 owner who just wants what everybody else has been enjoying for months and months and months. These dead threads keep coming back because that is how desperate we PS3 owners are for something; a date, and answer, a yes, a no, or even a maybe. Please, stop stringing us along or letting us anxiously wonder without an even cursory reply. Even if there’s nothing new to say, at least it could indicate that the plan hasn’t been completely scrapped.

    We deserve better than this.

  11. Bring on the downloadable content. Another anxious and slightly dissapointed PS3 owner awaits. And I too would buy them all within 30 seconds. Three beers to that.

    COME ON!

  12. Yea, I would buy the dlc as soon as it hit the psn. A year has almost gone by since the release of the GOTY edition and still nothing, not even an update on their progress. This is very frustrating and ” we are looking into is” is not an answer.

  13. Oooooh make a cooker to make it so the ps3 users can use unoffical mods too.
    X-box person:I have Shiver Isles and Wizards Tower, what about you, oh yeah you play on the PS3, HA HA!
    ME: Oh nothing BIG, just O3 and all those other mods.

  14. I mean with UT3 tbeing able to dowload usergenerated content was sheer awsome, and im sure if you tagged 25 bucks onto the pricetag of oblivion to allow for UGDLC You would still get people to buy it, i mean, i have three copies and I would buy another.

  15. could Bethesda softwork put the other plug-ins into the ps3 Oblivion? I complete almost all of the mission in the game and i wanted to do more, thaks


  16. Bethesda: please release the DLC of this great game on the PSN.

    I love both Oblivion and Fallout3 but think it’s a bit lame/childish of Bethesda to only release DLC of these games for the PC & X360. This way they will lose the goodwill of a lot of players (including me) worldwide.

  17. Don’t complain to Bethesda… They have an exclusive contract with Microsoft, so don’t get annoyed for something you don’t know about x;x..

  18. “They could do it, but up until May 5th they had a contract with Microsoft.” OK assuming this is true and unless i have gone through a time machine then they no longer have a contract with Microsoft, so what’s the hold up? Also can i get conformation that that is true?