Student project “Closer to God” reminiscent of Fallout

Within our Fallout Series Discussion board on the BGS forums, I noticed a post from Alkar, who was sharing a post-apocalyptic cartoon he created with two other students in Germany. The short animation film, “Closer to God,” is an introduction to a fictitious film, and draws inspiration from some of their favorite post-apocalyptic works — including Fallout (just check out the billboards).

For more details on the project, check out the thread Alkar started. It’s great work…you guys deserve an “A” in my book.

Reader Comments

  1. Great I was going to post that on my blog in a few minutes. Bah.

    Still nice work, maybe that could evolve into a short feature film in the future? Congrats guys (and girl)

  2. Hey folks.

    Thanks “nma-fallout” and “bethesda forum” community for good, hard and fair criticism on our little
    clip !!
    Here is some billboard art we made for this clip. These appear in the clip but because of
    bad youtube quality you can hardly read the typo.

    We have an obvious relation to fallout and van burrens concept art in this one.
    (this one
    During our inquiry on everything that had to do with atomic bombs, we heard about nuclear tests in Nevada. We tried to make fun of this – Atomic bomb watching as aretirement tour.

    We thought an ad for convertibles could be funny in a contaminated environment.

    hope you enjoy

    Ben and Jonas/Alkar