What we’re watching: writer’s strike edition


This week we’re doing things a little differently since sometimes people get tired of saying the same thing over and over. Mass Effect, Orange Box, The Witcher…yada, yada…always the same! So with the writers’ strike going on, we thought it would be interesting to share what we’re actually watching…whether it be reality TV, movies that that were written months/years ago, or just watching the grass grow instead.

So what are you watching? Hellga demands you tell us!

Here’s our run down…

Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Designer: Doctor Who, Doctor Who, and more Doctor Who. Here’s a word of advice – if the writers’ strike and sudden overload of reality TV has got you down, just turn to BBC America. I’m completely in love with the new Doctor Who after only recently discovering it, and am not just going through season 3 on DVD.

Kurt Kuhlmann, Designer: Battlestar Galactica Season 1 DVDs (rewatching), Deadwood Season 3. Looking forward to seeing There Will Be Blood next week.

Nate Ellis, Design Intern: Battlestar Galactica Season 1, Dexter. What I might be watching if the networks and writers could get along: Lost, 24, CSI, Smallville, etc.

Adam Adamowicz: Kids in the Hall Season IV,Night of the Comet,Charles In Charge: Redux

Matt Ouzounian, Highlander: NFL Playoffs, college hoops, and suckas burn in Team Fortress 2.

Fred Zeleny, Unreasonable Busy Writer: Arrested Development on DVD, Benders Big Score, and all manner of amusing things on YouTube. In solidarity with the writers, I’m not watching the writing-free drek on current television until the strike’s resolved.

Alan Nanes, Designer: The Fountain (Blu-Ray), Blade Runner The Final Cut (Blu-Ray), Torchwood Season One, Doctor Who & Robin of Sherwood (The older BBC series with Michael Praed)

Pete Hines: Sleepless in Seattle (at least, that’s what we heard he watches all the time.)

Ryan Ashford, QA Engineer: The Wire Season 5, The Lives of Others

Jason Little, QA: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1 & 2, Entourage Season 3 Part 2 and hopefully the Wizards beating the Boston Celtics on Saturday night.

Nghi Huynh: The Kingdom, Resident Evil: Resurrection, Death Sentence, 3:10 to Yuma, and Sunshine.

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: The Wire Season 4, NFL Playoffs, NBA League Pass (I never miss a Pistons game).

Megan Sawyer, Couch Potato: Just wrapped up Veronica Mars on DVD, moving on to Tru Calling, or possibly buying Bones season 2, On networks – New American Gladiators, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, CSI, Moonlight, lots of random Discovery Channel, The Daily Show, and the Colbert Report.

Larry Waldman, QA: The inside of my eyelids, because I worked late all week.

Ryan Salvatore, Power Forward: House Season 2 DVDs, Family Guy Season 6 DVDs, Edward Scissorhands

Jennifer Noland, QA: Sunshine, Stardust.

Ashley Cheng, Producer: Big Love Season 2, The Comeback, Flight of the Concords Season 1, anything on Food Network HD

Lindsay Wescott: My regular shows haven’t had new episodes in awhile, so I’ve decided I must watch and delete everything on the DVR before Lost starts. That currently includes Paranormal State, My Name is Earl, and LOTS of Mythbusters.

Christiane H.K. Meister (Maverique): HGTV, Six Feet Under (yay Netflix), inside of my eyelids 😉

Jesse Tucker, Level Design: Watching my roommate play Puzzle Quest on 360

Ricardo Gonzalez, Lead Vocals for Awesomosis: My TiVo-ed cache of Star Trek: TNG, The Simpsons, House, and Ninja Warrior to get me through the cold, cold winter of the writer’s strike.

Jonah Lobe, Character Artist: No Country For Old Men, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Planet Earth

Todd Howard: Superbad, over-and-over.

Craig Lafferty, Producer: NFL Playoffs, Rome: Season 2, and MHD (Hi-Def Music Video channel)

Michael Lattanzia, QA: STARDUST (I’ve seen it 6 times now, and I’ll probably be watching it more to show to as many friends as possible), Veronica Mars (finishing my second time through, working my way through for the third time as well), starting Buffy the Vampire Slayer soon, considering going to see Juno and Sweeney Todd a second time in the theater.

Ruben Brown, QA Lead: The Venture Bros. 1st and 2nd Season DVDs (again), Death Sentence, Samurai Champloo, NFL Playoffs, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (DVD)

Erin Losi, Marketing: Law & Order marathons (there’s bound to be at least two), catching up on Project Runway, and Juno

Dan Geske, QA: NFL playoffs (now that the Skins are gone, GO PACK!),

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: I have no TV reception — not worth the money! I’m likely to watch some Bleach, on DVD, and maybe an episode or two of Solty Rei from Direct2Drive’s anime download store.

Mark Lampert, Sound Design: Very much looking forward to seeing Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, ‘There Will Be Blood’ this evening.

Gary Noonan, Character Animator: NOTHING! DirecTV sucks and their satellites are peeing on my dish.

Dan Teitel: NFL playoffs, my son attempt to crawl for the first time (he’s really really close).

Reader Comments

  1. Is Fizzbang so busy that he has to copy Matt Ouzounian instead of coming up with his own TV schedule? Or is that why he is unreasonable?

  2. @Nuclear Catapult

    Kevlar mate.

    Why, do Hollywood answer the Writer’s Strike with Reality TV? It’s my greatest creation, but it’s CRAP.

  3. Hmm, the writers strike to get a bigger cut of DVD sales and New Media (internet etc.). While new shows are not receiving new episodes and are even prematurely cancelled. The audience turns to their trusty DVD collection, of which the writers do not get a ‘fair’ cut.

  4. I just broke up with my girl and she tock my TV im so depressed i still have my computer thou more time to play fallout. im going to cry

  5. [Gary Noonan, Character Animator: NOTHING! DirecTV sucks and their satellites are peeing on my dish.]

    Ha ha 😀 Yea I totally agree frigging cable sucks. After you see for a year or less its the same thing. I havent had cable since 2003 and have yet to miss it. All I watch are dvd movies with a rare trip to the theaters about three times a year. As for what am watching on dvd:

    SPACE 1999
    FUTURAMA Vol 1
    DOCTOR STRANGE The Sorcerer Supreme
    IN LIVING COLOR Season One

  6. I really wasn’t expecting to watch much this weekend but I got some Heroes Season 1 on DVD in on Saturday and I managed to catch the pilot for the Sarah Conner Chronicles, as well as some American Gladiator on Sunday night. Woo!

  7. Although I had a great time watching Juno with my family, the real highlight of my weekend was coming in to finish up some work and eventually then getting caught up in an 8 hour Rock Band marathon.