Post-Nuclear Football

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So in my travels to London last week I was fortunate enough to get my fill of football in the span of a few short days. First, my colleague Sean was nice enough to take me to see Arsenal host bitter rivals Tottenham in the first leg of the Carling Cup semifinals. Much like my visit to Emirates Stadium last year, Arsenal played pretty poorly but still managed to eek out a tie thanks to a timely goal from my favorite Gunner Theo Walcott (from whom I got a signed soccer card thanks to my another colleague, Greg).

THEN, my buddies Kat and Chris at Lunch PR had a surprise for me as they’d gotten me an Arsenal jersey (if I haven’t mentioned, I’m a big football/soccer fan in general and an Arsenal fan and have several older jerseys, but not the new one). And this was no ordinary Arsenal jersey, but one that they had gotten personalized with my name on the back and the number they felt was most appropriate for me.

Someone email Arsene Wenger and tell him I’d ready to fill in for my boy Theo if needed!

Reader Comments

  1. if I haven’t mentioned, I’m a big football/soccer fan

    Well I knew that of course, because of something that happened last year.

    At one time my team got an American player called Kenny Cooper. He came on a loan from Manchester United,and became very popular because of his excellent physical shape, professionalism and good spirits.

    He was very young and very level headed, he’s still missed as a good guy in a world that sometimes isn’t that good.

    Anyway his problem was that he just didn’t scored goals, which for a striker isn’t really good.

    In fact he was green, really inexperienced and didn’t really knew what do on the field, so he was sent back to Man United.

    A couple of years pass, and in one of the many blogs that follow my teams career someone that went to live in the US told us Kenny was back home, playing in Dallas and making fantastic games, much to our surprise. So I went to a forum that I had been told was the most interesting to watch about US football/soccer to try to see how he was doing.

    Second post I read I look at the nick and…it’s Pete Hines commentating some game, much to my surprise.

    I never registered there, in case Pete thought it was a Fallout fan stalking him or something, had to find other ways of following Kenny’s career. Kenny had a major injury last year, hope he gets better to be called to the national team as he deserves, and Hines can relax that this Fallout fan isn’t stalking him 🙂

  2. Le Arse? *spits*

    Seriously, they’re a disgrace to English football. Apart from the occasional introduction of Theo Walcott the entire team is foreign, including the manager. They’re essentially the cancer that is killing our international football side (along with too much money, old farts running the Football Association, and a general lack of caring). Where was I? Oh yes, Arsenal…bad.

    But hey, glad you liked the game. It’s great when I hear about American’s enjoying the sport. When I’m in the US I have my American friends tell me about the “World Champions” of baseball, or American football, and it irks me just a tad 😉

    Bring on the Super Bowl. I promise I was a Patriots fan way before they won the Super Bowl back in 2001 and was actually in Boston with friends to see their Super Bowl win on TV in 2004. Come on Brady 😀

  3. Arsenal Fan? If you’re ever in Blighty again, you’re more than welcome to stop bye for a pint at the Boozer.

    @Robin “Dark” Scot


  4. Oh by the way, it’s called a “Shirt”. Not a Jersey.

    Jerseys are the big, heavy things worn over the torso in Rugby Games.