This week in Elder Scrolls modding


Welcome to another mod update for The Elder Scrolls. Just thought I’d point out some interesting mods that I saw while looking through some fansites over the past few days…

For Morrowind, those of you who can’t get enough of fighting pesky skeletons might want to give Wildman’s Skeleterra mod a try. This mod adds a new dungeon featuring several new skeleton creatures including a Lich Queen (see image above) and a Skeleton Spearme. To use this download, make sure you have both the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions installed.

Also for Morrowind, if you’re into your characters having fashionable clothing, you might want to add Plangkye’s Hilgya the Seamstress mod, which opens a new store in Dagon Fel that sells clothing for folks that have downloaded the Better Bodies 2.0 mod from Psychodog Studios.

While not exactly a mod, you might find slayer5801’s Uriel Septim VII save game entertaining. This save starts you with a character that looks just like Tamriel’s doomed emperor. As slayer5801 mentions, it definitely makes for a humorous moment near the beginning of the game. “I know your face, you are the one in…my mirror!”

If you’re looking for even more humor, one of Kirel’s latest mods might be just the ticket. Just head over here to check out his Pimpwizard Garb mod. It’s not too hard to be a pimp either, as it’s made from stock meshes and textures and uses Robert’s Male Body mod. Also from Kirel, you might want to check out the new Talk with your hands mod, which adds gestures to NPCs you converse with.

To wrap up things for this week, I thought I’d point out some cool (or maybe hot) re-textures I found over at the Oblivion Files. From CptJoker, check out Realistic Lava 1.3 to make the fiery pits of Oblivion more hellish than ever. If that’s a little too intense, maybe you’ll just want to try out Improved Trees and Flora 2 by Mikal33, which enhances the look of much of the vegetation in the game.

Reader Comments

  1. SKELETERRA what a perfect name for a dungeon! I bet Gary Noonan is besides himself he didnt think that up for his MORROWIND ADVANCED mod 😀 Would have been perfect as one of the many temples of the King Of worms.

    Horrifying mod that blends in well with the world of MORROWIND as if always a part of it. Glad its reared its head from the grave once more since I missed its Halloween showing 😀

  2. I dream of a day when Bethesda releases a huge pack of the best community mods as one big DLC add-on for PS3/360. *le sigh*