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Thought I’d point out a couple of interesting tidbits I’ve noticed across the web this week…

Over on Voodoo Extreme, there’s a fan poll titled, “Most Wanted 2008 PC Games.” There’s a lot of good choices to vote for. Currently, Fallout 3 is receiving the second most votes behind Blizzard’s hugely-anticipated Starcraft 2.

HookedGamers has put up a Fallout 3 preview that includes background information on the title, based on information we’ve shared in the past. Here’s a sample of what they have to say in regards to VATS:

“The combat system will be blend of real-time and turn-based. Using VATS –which stands for Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System- you can pause the action of combat to target specific locations of the targets body. Every major body part is a hit location for weapons fire. Head, legs, arms, torso and even the weapon being held are all valid targets. Dealing enough damage to any one area will result in certain outcomes during battle.”

In similar fashion, the 14th edition of PCGzine has a ‘first look’ at Fallout 3. To check it out, download the PDF here. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at it:

“The game uses the same engine as Oblivion, with a choice of third or first-person perspective, but it looks even more impressive, with more detailed environments and some gruesome effects. The original’s turn-based battles have been replaced by a more action-oriented approach, with the ‘assisted targeting’ system allowing you to inflict very specific injuries upon your opponents via a pause menu.”

Last but not least, if you’re “in the industry” and you’re reading this blog (thanks for stopping by), Pete and Erin both pointed out that on GamaSutra’s website, there’s a news story that reveals Game Developer magazine has created a survey to help them compile their first ever “Top 50 Developers” feature. If you’re not in the gaming biz, you can still check out the survey questions to see how the process is getting started.

That’s it for now…until next time.

Reader Comments

  1. Heh … I didn’t notice when I was reading through the questions, but that top 50 devs survey is totally anonymous, so there’s no check at all that the people completing it are actually insiders and not just random people off the street.

    Still, the questions are just all boring stuff on “professionalism” and “quality”. If they had proper questions on which dev made the best Halloween costume, I might have snuck in a vote or two. :ninja: