Oblivion Tabbed ‘Best Game of 2007’ in Japan


I got a note from my colleague in Japan on this and thought it was worth sharing. A group of 12 editorial staff from Enterbrain (the folks that put out Famitsu in all it’s various iterations) sat down and voted on the game they felt was the best title of the year in Japan without regard for sales figures, fame of the franchise, etc. Only one vote per person, game with the most votes wins. In the end, Oblivion took home the honor as the best game of 2007 with 5 votes. The tally was:

#1 – Oblivion (5 votes)
#2 – God of War 2 (2 votes)
#3 – Super Mario Galaxy (1 vote)
#4 – Legend of Zelda DS (1 vote)
#5 – Monster Hunter Portable (1 vote)

I emailed him twice to say “are you SURE we won?” Needless to say we were all surprised, and thrilled, that the game is that well thought of in Japan given that it’s completely different than the RPGs one usually finds in Japan. So thanks for the nod, we do appreciate it.

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations. You guys deserve it.

    But, wow… An Elder Scrolls game did well in Japan? Imagine that!

    If only someone had said this would be the case years ago, then maybe Morrowind could have made some money in Japan, as well.

    Wait… I’m recalling someone did – in fact – say that. What was his name? Had white hair… Brought donuts in on Friday. Played sheep sounds on the intercom to rile up the dogs…

    If only I could remember. He was pretty cool, though. I wonder whatever happened to him.

  2. I’m more surprised in GoW2 even being in the top 5. That game just reeks of american(read: western) testosterone and violence. I thought they were very much into games of the opposite nature…. but I guess im wrong.