Around the Web – Frozen Edition


I’m not sure what we’ve been experiencing up until now, but it wasn’t really winter. NOW it’s winter. I realize a wind chill in the single digits is pretty paltry compared to what folks are experiencing in other places (like those people freezing their tails off in -24 degree weather in Green Bay last night…the three girls at the game in bikini tops need to seek professional help…it was TWENTY FOUR DEGREES BELOW ZERO), but up until this point it was pretty mild weather here. Now it’s just freezing out there.

Worthplaying put together their list of the most anticipated games of 2008, placing Fallout 3 at #1. You can head over to read comments from lots of folks at WP as to their level of expectation, how they see things shaping up, and so on.

IGN has put up a PC Preview for 2008, wherein they state their prediction that Fallout 3 will slip into 2009. The article states:

“Bethesda has a proven track record of delaying games past their originally announced released dates, the most recent example being The Elder Scrolls IV being pushed from 2005 to March of 2006. It happened with Morrowind too, moving from a late 2001 window to May of 2002.”

Those guys might have forgotten to mention (or intentionally omitted) one teeny, tiny factor for those two games that isn’t the case with this one. I wonder what it could be. To read their full preview and list of predictions, head over to IGN.

Gamespy has put up their most wanted list for 2008 based on different genres and includes Fallout 3 on their RPG list. You can go here to see the full slate of things they want the most and check out the Editor’s Top Picks link for comments from a number of editors on Fallout 3 (including Gerald Villoria also stating his belief that “there’s no way it’s coming in 2008.”). Interesting.

We came in as a mere 2nd Runner up in the Games Radar list of games that “will incite the most anger if effed up.” Somehow I feel of all the lists to date, this is the one we got short changed on the most.

Finally, I felt compelled to point out that Maxime Buffa has started a petition to have Fallout 3 released for GNU/Linux. Head over to add your signature to the list of over 4,000 people that have already said Yes! to Fallout 3 for Linux.

Reader Comments

  1. Wo Momma! Now thats cold or the inside of the car is really hot creating moisture thus all the ice. I get that effect on my windows with icicles all over the place.

    Great picture thanks!

  2. I’m… afraid to look outside. I live right off Lake Michigan in NW Indiana, and all I’ve heard this morning is the sound of snow trucks.

  3. Wow, I really don’t envy all you guys. I remember what it was like having to unfreeze my car before leaving for work. Then slipping and sliding my way to work. Terrifying stuff so early in the morning.

    Makes me really glad I traded in my car for a motorcycle and the white snow for pristine white beaches.

  4. Thanks for the petition link. I signed it and passed the link along a few of the linux boards i frequent. Hopefully you guys will make Fallout3 run natively. I know I would buy a few copies if that was the case as would other Linux gamers.

    That pic looks like a busted water main. I hate to be the person that owned one of those cars.

  5. It would be real nice to see Fallout 3 run on Linux. I’ve been sitting here with a copy of the collectors edition for windows for about a week now trying to get it to work through WINE, but to no avail… After playing the previous installments of Fallout I’ve been looking forward to Fallout 3 only to have it stripped away simply because I don’t use windows.