Bright Shiny Things: Desktop Tower Defense


Between all of us here, there’s very little that stirs in the gaming universe that doesn’t pop up on somebody’s radar. Whether it’s the simple genius of Peggle or some random freeware project somebody stumbles across, we go to great lengths to entertain and amuse ourselves. Simple, hopefully free (or at least very close to it), and entirely worth looking into. Freeware, shareware, cool demo,thing you have to try out. Bright, Shiny Things.

I thought perhaps we could start sharing some of these nuggets that folks may or may not be aware of. These are not going to be earth-shattering new things, but I often find that what one person has been playing for two years, someone else just found out about yesterday.


With that in mind I give you the first entry in Bright, Shiny Things: Desktop Tower Defense. I found this randomly one day while looking for info on something else and found it to be a great and entertaining diversion. Now up to version 1.5, DTD is a puzzle strategy game where where you have to keep invaders from successfully making it across the square in one piece.

You place different types of turrets on the board in an effort to blow up all the different types that get thrown at you in waves. The idea being to come up with just the right kind of maze to handle the increasingly more difficult-to-kill little buggers in all their different varieties…fast, flying, group, etc. The more invaders you blow up, the more money you can spend on more turrets, new types of turrets, upgrading turrets, etc.

Simple, wholly entertaining, and good for a distraction whenever you crave one.

Reader Comments

  1. Yay verily variety is the distraction which the brain thrives on like the sparkle sparkle of xmas lights upon cold winter windows and 1970s disco light boxes.

    Thanks Pete and happy hunting 😀

  2. I especially love Laser Tank, which was written completely in C, and may seem outdated, but it is a full fun game to play, requiring strategic thinking and forward-planning.

  3. Desktop Tower Defense is Satan’s answer to GTD (Getting Things Done for the four people out there not familiar with it). When you first play it you think “so what is the big deal with this?” Then you find yourself thinking about new ways to build your mazes when you lay down to sleep at night. The next thing you know it is 4 AM and you have to be at work at 7.

  4. Might I suggest giving PixelJunk Monsters a try? I never really liked the tower defense games until PJM. I think mainly because it was all white squares and dots and I couldn’t really tell what was going on. Also the upgrading feature wasn’t working on the one I downloaded.

    In either case it’s the same principle but with some nifty visuals and it’s own personality.

  5. Garp… while I was waiting on my xmas computer to be built I played a lot of these 60 minute trial things. Chococlatier 2 and Grimm’s Hatchery were my favorites. I went around downloading them from everywhere I could find that had them. Much to my three-year-old’s sadness, the only place that had a demo of Candyland Dora was Big Fish. So he only got to play it for a while. Guess I’ll have to go buy it for him…

  6. I have a game that you will play for hrs. last stand is the name of the game Your a zombie hunter and it is rilly cool go see it for your self and have fun but you wont stop playing so make shor you have an hre or two to play

    PS go to google and put in last stand it will bring you to the game