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For this week’s mod update for The Elder Scrolls, I thought I’d point out some of the featured mods currently up on FileFront’s site dedicated to Oblivion, the Oblivion Files.

The current “file of the week” is Trollf’s Hunter’s Performance Review (v1.1). While mentioned as being “a bit pointless in nature,” I couldn’t disagree more. Essentially, it provides a “kill count” for creatures killed by you, your companions, and the creatures killed by other NPCs and creatures while you were in the cell. The only downside to the mod is that at the time, it does not account for creatures that were created by modders. Still, I think the concept’s great.

Moving on, two other new mods from Trollf, Forecaster’s Will and Actors in Madness, are the site’s “Featured Spell” and “Featured Animations” of the week. Forecaster’s Will is a spell that allows you to be the official weatherman of Oblivion, as you’re able to change the weather whenever and wherever you like. Al Roker AM CRY! As for Actors in Madness, this is a follow up mod to Actors in Charge, which allows your character to do animations normally reserved for NPCs. As you might be able to gather from the title of the new mod, Actors in Madness allows you to use newer animations from Shivering Isles. That said, it should be noted that you’ll need to have Shivering Isles to be able to use this mod.

Last but not least, the “Featured Landmass” this week is Kevin’s The Black Marsh: Snake Head Island. This new island, inhabited by the Argonians, is described as a place where “danger is afoot” and “the locals tend to keep to themselves, and they don’t like unwelcome quests.” DUN DUN DUN!!!! If you ask me, sounds like a creepy locale where Scooby Doo and Co. might show up.

As always, if you’ve got some interesting mods you’re working on, feel free to shoot us an email.

Reader Comments

  1. Paul is correct.

    But if you need an explanation, it’s because Commando is famously known for its high kill count — so much so that folks have even taken the trouble to count every death (and that’s a lot of kills).

    So since I relate all things in life to Commando, I couldn’t help but think of the greatest film ever when reading about Hunter’s Performance Review by Trollf.

  2. Having a mod called Hunter’s Performance Review, a kill count, and a picture of Arnie brings some very odd images to mind.

    Performance Review 3E 433: Hunter, A

    1. To develop, monitor and enhance pest control systems in South East Cyrodiil, with particular attention to Leyawiin’s environs.
    Target: 380 kills by end Last Seed.
    Weighted Performance Score 4/5

    Employer’s comment:
    I feel that Mr Hunter has really contributed well to the team this year, showing a balance of commitment, planning, and superior weaponry. Keep up the good work!
    – Count Caro

    Employee’s comment:
    That I managed to achieve 378 kills – just two short of my target – is in no small part thanks to the encouragement and resources supplied by senior management. I am certain that targets would have been exceeded if the unfortunate Oblivion Gate incident had not occurred close to the end of the season. I look forward to decimating the wild boar population in the coming months …

  3. Not sure who Matt is, but Paul is Paul (that is to say, me). We did the “Commando” kill count in college (too) many years ago, and we’ve discussed reconvening in light of the new “Director’s Cut” DVD. You’re all invited. I’ve said for many years that “Commando”‘s screenplay should be in the Smithsonian, because no other script is made entirely of one-liners and punchlines. I am also very fond of General Kirby, whose only role in life is to let everyone know how badass Matrix is. Next time you watch the film, pay close attention to everything he says and enjoy.

    I am glad “Orenthal” made it into Oblivion, but when do we see a pudgy warrior named Bennett with a custom chain shirt and a knife? I’ll be looking for him in Fallout 3, guys. (And if you do put him in there, you must get Vernon Wells)

    Actually, come to think of it, his character from Road Warrior/Weird Science would work really well, too.

  4. I’m sure you enjoyed the deleted scene with Kirby then…that’s Oscar material.

    I mentioned to some folks at the office that we should get Vernon. It made them laugh, if Matrix were here, he’d laugh too. Though knowing Bennett, he’d probably say, “I’d do it for NOTHING!”

  5. LOL. Excellent. Let’s face it, though. Getting Vernon Wells to voice a post-apocalyptic biker for Fallout 3 would be as much of a publicity coup as getting Harry Hamlin to do Perseus in “God of War 2”. I wasn’t even interested in “God of War 2” until I found that out. Now I own the game.

    I haven’t seen the General Kirby deleted scene yet, because (as noted) we’ve been slowly building toward a Florida-style body recount. However, now I’m intrigued. I may have to check it out. I’m sure it paints a different and more nuanced picture of General Kirby.

    Also, “you ladies wanna see me kick some ass?” is the official motto of all mall security.