Bethesda vs. Mythic: TF2 Roundup


Last week, we reported that our Team Fortress 2 specialists, Team Bethesda (aka the Vault 101 Dwellers aka [V101]), were putting their undefeated record on the line against EA Mythic. I asked Matthew Ouzounian (aka Matt Headroom) to recap the match and Daryl put together a recap video you can watch here.

Salve discipuli et discipulae! M-M-Matt Headroom, faithful m-m-m-mmmmedic and cheerleader for team Bethesda a.k.a. [V101], here to tell you a little story. You may have marked our match of mettle with Mythic in a Team Fortress 2. It is possible to present the pettifog using a plethora of playful phrases or prose, perchance, I was persuaded to portray it…but that’ll do it for the a-a-alliteration. Did we win? Well, you’ll just have to keep reading to f-f-f-find out.

We sought to retain our undefeated record against other studios, but the developers at EA Mythic had other plans. The match was set for Friday, January 18th at 7.30pm in a 12-on-12 confrontation. Each team selected a map, Mythic chose Dustbowl, while we chose the Pit (Gravel Pit). As the visitor, Mythic was given the first opportunity to score offensively, with our team falling back on D.

We’re quite comfortable on Dustbowl, having played it on nearly every encounter, and we have established roles for every player on our massive roster. Every player knowing what their role is, and what is expected of them…but Mythic wasn’t here to play, they were here to win! Mythic pushed hard, and staggering ubers, managed to beat back our front line. Forced back almost immediately, Snobfrog, Villain and Mr. B Natural held off the forces as long as they could. Huddled inside the shack where the point awaited capture, Iplasma heard what we thought would buy us the time we need to reestablish our defensive perimeter. “I am fully charged,” he instinctively rushed at me calling for medic and leading me out from the cap point almost immediately.

“Let’s do it Matt…Hit it!” Lplasma and I rushed out, incinerating a handful of Mythic’s finest, but drawing us out of the hut and away from the cap point. As we rejoiced in our fiery deeds we heard the mocking voice of the announcer call out “Alert! The control point is being captured.” We turned around, heading back to the point just in time to witness the loss, I was met by the deafening explosion of [boosh] Sped’s rocket, and then the floor.


We fell back without missing a beat, establishing sentries and taking defensive positions around the red Cornwell building, while Mythic set up a base of operations in the Jenkin Coal Co.’s mine shaft. PhilSucks, Renstrike, Ramsterz, Dermont, Svenn, and Frodo Teabaggins put up a valiant effort, but Mythic’s onslaught was not to be deterred. I ran from ally to ally, attempting to assuage their pain, but even my handy medi-gun was insufficient. I spotted a pair of Mythic’s minions heading on to our cap point, and sought to end their plans before they could score the capture…but once again [boosh] Sped’s rockets were ready for me, and I flopped face-first on the point just as the game was lost.

Dissatisfied but undeterred, we steeled ourselves and set forth to defend the second stage of Dustbowl. Renstrike, Ramsterz, and Villain lined the gates with sticky mines, as fx4d put the enemy in his trusty ironsights. Lplasma and I waited just outside their gates with both an uber-charge in our pocket, and happiness to see them. We charged in as the gates opened wide, setting all we saw ablaze, seeding chaos amongst their ranks. All-the-while, our Demos, Engineers, Heavies, and Snipers bombarded them with grenades, rockets, minigun fire, and BOOM! Headshots! The fighting here was pitched, with ground gained and lost on both sides, but after about 5 minutes of struggle, [oh hi] giantpeanuts, The Amazing Potato Foot, and [boosh] Sped managed to cap the first point.


Things were looking bad for the dedicated boys assigned to keeping the peace in Dustbowl, but we knew that we had to fight for great justice! Svenn and Dermont formed the backbone of our defense on this point, their sentries locking down any hostiles foolish enough to approach unprepared. Keeping spies at bay, Frodo Teabaggins and Villain burninated anyone foolish enough to approach the engineers or their sentries. SnobFrog’s minigun created a wall of muchfun from the point itself, while our Demos lay traps in the surrounding area. PhilSucks, the beautiful man, provided support for our lines, healing the sick and the wounded.


The battle raged for 9 minutes before an eerie calm over took the field. Time was running out, and we knew that Mythic was preparing for its last offensive. Iplasma and I knew what was coming, though, so we hid out of sight, out of mind, and awaited our treacherous foe. With about 45 seconds left Mythic charged, their entire force purified by righteous, invulnerable fire, and the point was held.

…Now it was our turn, and we intended to make them pay for what they’d done. Lead by Lplasma, SnobFrog, and Frodo Teabaggins, we captured the first round of Dustbowl with precision strikes against their stationary defenses. The combat was fast and deadly, and we came out triumphant — prevailing in under 3 minutes.

We set our sights on Dustbowl’s second area, hoping to maintain our momentum. Like a bulldozer, we captured the first point of the second area in seconds, impossibly fast and leaving little way to discern who had done what. The assault on the second cap point was far more coordinated, and nearly as fast. Our strike was to be a pincer attack from both the left and right sides of the map. Staggering our uber-charge uses, we crushed all resistance in a matter of moments, and the point captured by the majority of our team.


The final round of Dustbowl was upon the team, and with the wind at our backs we struck immediately. Invulnerable pyros leading the charge, Mythic’s defenses were castrated before they could be utilized, and the initial point was captured in under a minute. The second point, would escape us, however, as Mythic held fast for approximately 20 minutes. They turned our own strategy against us, by executing lightning-fast counter offensive flanking runs from pyros, spies, and scouts, while their heavy forces held the cap point. The final score for Dustbowl would have us in the lead, 5 to 3.


The hour was growing late after our struggle for supremacy in Dustbowl, but we still had at least 2 rounds of the Pit to go, and both teams seemed ready and willing. The Pit started with us on defense once again. We deployed equal defenses at both A and B points for Gravel Pit, rather than employing the usual heavy defense at B strategy. It was difficult to know exactly what happened during this match, with our forces scattered. I was stationed at Point B, and have no idea what happened when we lost A. However, the fighting at B was intense, and it was held onto until the last 5 seconds of the match. Somehow our defenses had slipped, and with literally 2 seconds remaining in the match, Mythic had half of their force on the point. Everyone raced from the spawn point to push them from B and end the round in overtime, but it was not to be. A crafty engineer from Mythic had set a sentry gun up on top of C, which picked us off one by one, forcing to watch in desperation as we lost both points in overtime.


Enraged at our own team’s failure, we began round 2 of the Pit with a vengeance only read about in Shakespeare. We launched a coordinated attack on B, sending on a small expeditionary force to make noise at A and throw them off guard. In doing so we secured B in a matter of moments, and A shortly after. With most of the team progressing directly from A to C, we knew we had to act before they could establish a defense. SnobFrog, Speng, and Ramsterz lead the charge, with Dermont and myself on healing duty. We raced to the top of the tower, taking it, and with it, securing our victory over Mythic.

Final Score 6:4.

Well, that about wraps up the action from Friday. Mythic definitely stepped up and took it to us, and I want to thank them for that. Much love goes out to [boosh] Nearl for helping get the ball rolling on this game, and coordinating with the guys at Mythic. Sadly, we were both primarily medics so I didn’t get to see him in direct action, but in watching our team’s demos and screenshots, I see he dominated several of Bethesda’s Bravest. My personal nemeses for the game were definitely EddieFatStacks, [boosh] Sped, and The Amazing Potato Foot. In the first round of Dustbowl it felt like everywhere I turned Sped’s rockets were heading right for me. If not Sped’s rockets I was being chased by EddieFatStacks, his scatter gun in hand, or being knocked away from my healing target by APF. I’m sure the rest of the Vault 101 Dwellers had their own stories to tell, complete with antagonists, but this is mine.

Headroom out.

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