Around the Web: Looking back at Morrowind, looking forward to Fallout 3


Thought I’d share some interesting mentions that I came across today and over the weekend.

Next Generation has put up a retrospective piece on Morrowind that was recently in Edge. It’s crazy to think the game’s been on shelves for nearly six years. Here’s a sampling of the feature:

“The island of Morrowind that exists on the disc can be threadbare and tenuous, but be undeniable and persistent in your mind. Also, even on Xbox, it’s a game that throws up snapshots of austere, worldly beauty, where sunrise and landscape conspire against any shortcomings to provide a memorable montage; again, these moments feel personal in a way few other adventures can match.”

Fallout 3 coverage continues to circulate. The staff at CVG put up a new preview over the weekend that covers information shared from our demo of the game:

“When targeting an enemy, you can choose to either shoot outright or use the precision targeting system where your trusty gadget The Pip Boy assesses the best points of impact such as arms, legs or as you can see from the screens – the head. SPLAT! Fallout 3, doesn’t skimp on the gore factor either.”

Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer has a roundup of RPGs to look forward to this year and includes Fallout 3 on the list. Check out the games mentioned here.

Finally, the folks over at IGN (who are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this month) are sharing their personal picks for the games they’re looking forward to most in 2008. Fallout 3 made the cut on a few lists. PS3 writers Chris Roper and Jeff Haynes ranked the game #5 and #2, respectively. At their PC division, Steve Butts places the game as his #3 Most Anticipated and Charles Onyett ranks it #7. Last but not least, Hilary Goldstein puts Fallout 3 as his #3 Most Anticipated on the 360.

Reader Comments

  1. Pleas release the demo for fallout3 id love to play it or just a Recording of the demo thanks

    ps s@#* or get off the pot

  2. Shut up about a new Elder Scrolls fallout3 isent even out yet and your asking about Elder Scrolls you probably dident even bet the new Elder Scrolls yet did you.

    P.S. fallout for life you B!%(H BOY

  3. I agree on what they say on Morrowind, and, who knows, maybe a “remake” of Vvardenfell and its inhabitants some day will be appreciated. I wonder how many copies have been sold so far.

    About Fallout 3, I can’t wait to play it: this work has huge potentialities.

  4. Rosario, if you intend to be insulting, at least do so intelligently, and avoid being a popinjay.

    As to the article, wonderful work finding these. I particularly agreed with the Edge article. Morrowind was not a game, it was an experience. An experience I had to get a 3000 dollar PC to partake of, but an experience nonetheless. I only hope Fallout 3 and ESV are a return to such beautifully crated masterpieces of digital art.

  5. It’s kinda funny to see, six years after Morrowind came out, articles still putting up those preview screens with the different interface and spell icons.

  6. Morrowind was incredible. Its funny that from a critical view, there were a lot of flaws and glitches, yet I played it longer and remember it better then any other game. My memories of exploring the bitter coast, the ashlands, etc, are… magical.

  7. Morrowind was quite literally the best RPG of all time. Oblivion, as fantastic as it was, paled in comparison. Like the poster above said – it was magical. The contrast between all the regions of Vvardenfell were just incredible. I hope TES V will do another large region of the empire in the same spirit as Morrowind.

  8. It was a hell of a game.

    It still is one of the most unique, immersion fashioned RPGs of our time. Great design.

    I hope Bethesda falls back to that legacy instead of such a heavy artistic focus on graphics over design.

  9. That retrospective piece sounded as if Rod Serling was writing straight out of the TWILIGHT ZONE 😀

    Verily MORROWIND was different and a big change from DAGGERFALL. It truly made us complete Dungeon Masters of a game world which was once only possible in pen and paper boardgame rpgs.

    I still play it to this day with Mods galore but even without Mods its still highly enjoyable especially with the Expansion packs of TRIBUNAL and BLOODMOON.

    Definitely what we expected as a sequel to DAGGERFALL yet in the end it was that and much more once we accepted the invitation to learn the art of molding our own realities into it.

    As for ELDER SCROLLS V I can wait cause its always worth the wait just like OBLIVION has been.

  10. [Definitely what we expected as a sequel to DAGGERFALL yet in the end it was that and much more once we accepted the invitation to learn the art of molding our own realities into it.]

    Oops I meant to say “Definitely NOT what we expected”

    Wish this Blog had a edit button.

  11. I’d love to see a Morrowind port onto PS3 (XBox as well) I must admit preferring to play Oblivion on the PS3 Even though it looks much better on my desktop PC, it is much more fun to play on the PS3, (A 50in Plasma and a 5.1 Denon surround system might have something to do with that though 🙂 )


  12. They already consolized hit of all times — Morrowind, making simplified Oblivion for those who cant handle properly mouse, keyboard and brains. Now they trying to make Fallout mod for Oblivion, its truly will be oblivion for Fallout!

  13. That’s rather dumbing down the argument, to borrow an oft-used phrase. Some people like to use consoles because it’s cheaper than continually upgrading a PC. The console players I know are quite capable of using mice and keyboards and are hardly lacking in brains. It would be a shame to deprive those people of great games like Morrowind and Oblivion.

    The technical requirements for the PC mean I often have to wait a long time to get to play the more popular new games – but at least there are always mods to keep me playing the older games for longer. 🙂

    Nice to read the retrospective, by the way.

  14. To be perfectly honest, I refused to get a console for years. The PS3 was originally bought for the blue ray player (Which was the cheapest and most featured, and best quality one around at the time) I then saw oblivion was available for it. So wanted to re-play and try out the PS3 for games. This has now changed me to actually liking this console for games. I ended up buying the Orange Box for it too and found it much harder and more challenging to play this with a controller over a keyboard. The only downside is the graphics resolution isn’t as great as it was on the PC, but the 50in screen and Hifi surround sound system certainly makes up for it.

    It’s a shame most of the games for consoles are aimed and younger people. I wish there were more games like Oblivion on there.


  15. I hate when PC users start discriminating against consolers. Its almost as if you need to justify buying an insanly expensive peice of equipment when it only takes a couple hundred for several years. I’ll never understand this prejudice fully; if a game looks a little prettier, will it be worth the extra $4700? You may shout me down as an idiot, but why are console gamers any smaller than PC gamers? We don’t need interfighting over which console or machine you back; what we need is unity to defend games such as Fallout 3 (becuase of the blood and gore) as art against crusaders like Jack Thompson. Are you going to let that slimy SOB win becuase you were calling a consoler an idiot? If you’re answer isn’t, “Hell No!” you don’t deserve to be in the gaming community.

  16. I Can’t belive that morrowind is still being featured after all this time I mean it was a amazing game probably chewed up 1000hrs of my life and counting but you can get a great machine for much less than your talking about I can play all the newest games on highest quality no lag of a $1000

  17. i thouroughly hope a new elder scrolls is worked on after fallout, one which has the variation in terrain that MW had, but the finness and Roleplaying aspect oblivion had. OB is a great game, but cyrodil is so boring, all pretty countryside. MW i felt like an adventurer, i was afraid of its unforgiving land and basically, MW is an intelligent persons game, simply being able to play it was rewarding. OBLIV is something anyone can pick up and play, and there is little reward for finding new places (map compass) but the combat is excellent and the graphics are the best ive ever seen in any game.

  18. It’s true, Morrowind is and will always be the best RPG of all time. Don’t even try to top it. There’s been other games sure – interesting ones, innovative ones, also with lots of dialogue and honestly: A better story.

    But, and this is amazing, Morrowind was the game that I spend nearly 2000 real time hours (over the course of over 3 years) playing on. That’s like the equivalent of a hundred 20hour-days! And it’s still the most memorable and, indeed, “magical” game I’ve played. Nothing weirded me out more than the giant crab that comprised the center of Ald’Rhun! And who could resist the charme of Balmora, the first “real” city in the game which none of the other cities could quite keep up with?

    Also, the lore all fit together perfectly. I personally think the main quest wasn’t that great, but in the grand scheme of things, it made *sense*. A pissed-off people on an isolated island that already gave up waiting for their saviour. Oh gosh that was great. I think Morrowind was the only game I really felt unwanted by the NPCs. They totally hated me. Most of them. Most of the time.

    And all the time I spend on the island’s coast.. Exploring the whole countryside… And the dungeons with artifacts in them were usually epic, or just cool.

    Also, Morrowind had lots of interfractional conflict. The Hlaalu really dislike the Redorans, the Telvanni don’t care much about either of them, but the Mage’s Guild is a thorn in their side. The Fighter’s and Thieve’s Guilds are warring each other in complicated plot twists… there’s lots of weirdos in high positions such as Crassius and not the least Divayth Fyr and the last living dwarf, Yagrum Bagarn.

    Oblivion had some really really nice quest ideas (TG and esp. DB quests were mighty cool, and the “last in the painting” one was really creative, to name just a few), but it lacked the Epic. For a game to be epic it doesn’t mean it’s got to be one man against all of oblivion (with all the hacknslay involved), I think the appeal of the earlier TES games were the warring factions and the question whether what the player was doing (i.e. helping one fraction) was right; more lore between all those people. More of the kind of the Duke of Skingrad being a Vampire or the Duke of Anvil being the Gray Fox.

    I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. Morrowind is the best game. Ever. Now just give us some guar to ride on…

  19. Morrowind was hands-down one of the best games ever created. The sheer level of atmosphere and freedom was and still is amazing.

    When they make TES V, I sure hope they bring back enchanting as a skill. Enchanting in Oblivion was beyond horrible. That and separate blunt and bladed weapons. Go back to the atmosphere and gameplay end of it… stop worrying so much about graphics.

  20. Fans are screaming out for a Morrowind revamp for the xbox 360 (and even PC). It’s arguably one of the best western-style RPGs ever released, I mean, some even prefer Morrowind’s gameplay and depth over Oblivion… So I ask myself… Why doesn’t Bethesda revamp this masterpiece? Increase texture size/quality, increase draw distance, a few other tweaks and optimizations and re-release this gem for the xbox 360 🙂