Morrowind Speed Run

I’ve been meaning to share this one for awhile. This YouTube video from Luke Harris shows him doing a speed run through Morrowind in about 14 minutes. On the video’s page, it sounds like there’s been some debate as to whether or not the video is legit or not. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, as I’ve seen some pretty impressive speed runs in the past (like this Fallout speed run in under 10 minutes).

Luke feel free to share how you did it in our comments section. As for everyone else, I challenge any of you to do it in a faster time 🙂

Reader Comments

  1. Gosh… I haven’t played Morrowind in a while due to my PC crashing (and I’m now mostly a Mac user), but seeing this rekindles that flame of passion for Morrowind…

  2. this one is almost legit but i noticed that he cut out all the loading screens and he cheated to get all that cash because i don’t remember him selling anything

  3. he didnt cheat to get the cash he sold orc armor to creeper. thats bloody brilliant! i agree about the loading screens tho

  4. I have only played Morrowind [due to XP crashes] for a few evenings,but where is the pleasure in the speed run?truly,I don`t understand….what have I missed?It seems to be mainly clicking on what you have to create spells,to do what?finish the game faster than it takes to eat a bag of popcorn….maybe I should go back to Zelda,I clearly don`t get this game at all.:(

  5. This is impressive, but where is all the magic and that epic feel that you experience by playing for months? However this shows that the player DID played for months to get this good and knowledgeable about the game. I might try this once, just for fun, but to me Morrowind is more than just a game that I try to get to completion. It’s actually an experience, and THAT I don’t want to put an end to it. It just goes on and on.