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It’s been a couple months since we released Star Trek: Conquest on the Wii and PS2, so those of you who got the game already might be looking for a new challenge. As such, we’re presenting the Conquest “Beat the Devs” challenge.

During the testing process for Conquest, folks on the Conquest team challenged each other to see who could complete the various campaigns as quickly as possible with each playable race. The rules were simple: campaigns had to be play on “hard” against 5 opponents, using only simulated or instant battles, no cheating. Below are the best efforts from folks at the office to finish each campaign in the shortest amount of time.

Federation Campaign: 10 turns (Matt Ouzounian)

Klingon Campaign: 12 turns (Matt Ouzounian)

Romulan Campaign: 17 turns (Ryan Lea)

Breen Campaign: 15 turns (Jonathan Peake)

Cardassian Campaign: 11 turns (Matt Ouzounian)

Dominion Campaign: 9 turns (Justin McSweeney)

So do you think you can beat the devs? Here’s the rules to our contest:

Since there’s no way to verify from a screenshot that you used simulation only, the winners will be based on a random drawing. That means, if you’re not as good as our developers, you’re still eligible to win. If you are better than the devs…we’ll be impressed.

So what do the winners get? Well, our friends at CBS were nice enough to donate three “Landing Party” statues from Diamond Select. There’s one for Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. We’ll randomly select three winners on February 25 — each of whom will take home one of the three statues.

Good luck!

Reader Comments

  1. Since we’re just requiring a screenshot…do the best you can. As mentioned, you don’t have to beat the devs to win…just make an attempt. The winners are based on a random drawing.

    Good luck

  2. We never lose in Arcade mode Carl, even when we are out-numbered and damaged. 😉
    I don’t think we ever kept track of our records for arcade but I suspect they would have been about the same. The records we posted here were very close to “perfect” games already. (ie no losses, minimum number of moves to each home planet and killing all fleets without wasted movement)

  3. Those dev scores are pretty fantastic! Simulation only is fairly hard, as well, good job guys. Dan Ross is a bit off the mark, though, when he says they’re close to what you could get while using arcade mode. For instance, my best scores on hard vs 5 while using arcade mode are:
    Breen: 4 turns
    Dominion: 4 turns
    Federation: 4 turns
    Cardassian: 4 turns
    Klingon: 6 turns
    Romulan: 8 turns
    Wonder if the devs can beat those 🙂