Sir Charles goes Post-Apocalyptic

Working at Bethesda, it probably wouldn’t shock anyone if I said Fallout 3 is my most anticipated post-apocalyptic RPG game of the year. That was the case…until this morning. Over on Kotaku, I spotted the trailer for Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. The highly anticipated sequel to the Sega Genesis cult hit, Barkley: Shut Up and Jam, BSUJ:G takes our hero, former NBA superstar Charles Barkley (aka the Sir Charles…aka the Chuck Wagon…aka The Round Mound of Rebound), on an adventure through post-apocalyptic New York in the year 2041.

Charles might not be a role model, but after watching this trailer and seeing his turn-based skillz against monsters made of basketballs, he can be in My Five anyday. For more details on this instant classic, head over here.

Reader Comments

  1. Man, someone just linked me this and I honestly cannot believe Barkley was posted here. I’m one of the dudes who worked on this and the response we’ve gotten so far is incredible, but this just blows me away man. BETHESDA. I just cannot believe that someone who makes REAL GAMES has played this. This is nuts.

    Seriously, thanks for posting this.

  2. Chef…no problem. It’s hilarious.

    Last night I was watching Barkley on TNT after showing some friends the trailer. It was hilarious when one of them said, “Wow, now I see why they made his head so big.”

  3. That was pretty cool definitely will play it to bad im at work so i cant play it intel i get home or can i the boss isent looking ok for 5 min thats it. wall i got caught so this will be the last blog of for me for about 3 months my boss is calling the computer guys over to tack my computer this sucks im goning to be so board with nothing to do at work.