Bright Shiny Things: World Golf Tour and Fairway Solitaire

I’ve had a casual game golf fetish lately. Two actually. World Golf Tour is an online closest-to-hole golf game that you play via your browser. Only in beta at this point, so it is free. I can see this expanding to lots of different golf courses and allowing multiplayer play by email functionality. Imagine following the PGA season by playing the same courses along the way. I created a team called Vault101. Shoot me a note if you’d like an invite.

The other one is courtesy of Bill Harris’ excellent Dubious Quality blog — Big Fish Games’ Fairway Solitaire . Similar to Puzzle Quest’s genius melding of Bejeweled and RPGs, Fairway Solitaire merges solitaire and golfing into a fun little game. You can download it and play locally, but I actually play the browser-based version so I can play on multiple computers.

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  1. [off-topic, sorry)

    Hang on…so you guys are one of the 1% in this world who accurately predicted the Giants win and you’re not even going to brag about it?

    C’mon. Mad props.

    Left by Brother None on February 6th, 2008]

    They are so humble just like the funny lack of comments on this thread 😀

    Besides in their magnificent silence they stand out amongst the lost roaring howling millions awash in the flood of white noise.

  2. Eh, I thought the Giants pick was pretty trendy by the end. Mad Props go to Sports Illustrated. Two weeks before the Superbowl, Dr. Z predicted a 24-20 win, and the next week they said the game would be all about the pressure the Giants could/could not put on Brady.

    For once, the SI jinx stayed home.