Around the Web: Flotsam and Jetsam

As if Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade weren’t everywhere already (if you’ve been under a rock, they even have their own game coming out), modder HidekiShashu put on YouTube a video that shows how he’s brought their likeness into Morrowind. This first video shows Gabe interacting with Tycho. There’s also another short video with Gabe showing off his cardboard tube weapon.

What’s next? Maybe someone can make an Oblivion level with Zero Punctuation-esque animation.

Next up is an interview Nathan Purkeypile, or just ‘Purkey’, who is a very talented world artist working on Fallout 3. Here’s a snippit of an answer to one of the questions

Q: Fallout 3 comes out of a popular series with a unique setting. What is it like working with an existing IP that already has an art style?

A: Working with the Fallout IP is actually something that fits very well with my own personal style as an artist. For a long time I have had a fascination with ruined and abandoned structures. So being able to create an entire world filled with things like that is the best thing I could ask for.

To read the rest of what he had to say, head over to the Notes on Game Dev.

GamePro has an article on 2008 Top Shooters which includes Fallout 3. But, fear not, because they have a little icon indicating we have an “RPG Twist”. So that ought to set everything right and calm those who would otherwise lose their **** over these types of things.

The latest PC Zone includes some Elder Scrolls-related items, including taking a serious pot shot at Sean Bean’s performance in Oblivion (something I completely disagree with them on) and a “Are You Good or Evil” quiz on the last page (130) that features Socucius Ergalla from Morrowind, asking you all new multiple choice questions to help you discern what sort of person you are (as if you didn’t already know).

If, like Matt, you don’t know what Flotsam and Jetsam means, you can go educate yourself and drop it into your every day conversations.

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