You Ate Your Weighted Companion Cube More Quickly Than Any Subject on Record


This morning I got an email from Fred Zeleny saying that I needed to check out his birthday cake downstairs in the kitchen. Knowing that Fred likes to dress as a Fallout Raider and even put a Fallout sign in his hair, I was anxious to see the cake with my own eyes. Still, walking down the stairs, I couldn’t shake the vision of the cake you see at the end of Portal (sorry, SPOILERZ!). You can imagine the look on my face when I this concoction instead.

For those who don’t know the story on Portal yet, this cake shows the ever-popular Weighted Companion Cube moving through one portal and coming out the other. Surrounding the cake are gingerbread cookies with the warning signs found withinin the game, as well as cookies with the hearts made famous by the cube itself.

Like the cookies, the cake itself if made of gingerbread. In fact, Fred explains to me that his mother (a professional artist) has been making him a gingerbread cake for his birthday every year since he was five. She’s made some real doozies — castles, houses, an inside-out home, and last year, a Setters of Catan-inspired cake. All very cool…but this one truly takes the cake!

Happy Birthday Fred!

cake 003.jpg

 Another cake pic for you to digest….

Reader Comments

  1. That second picture is after unleashing the ravenous hordes of BethSoft upon the cake. Nobody had the heart to eat the portal/cubes, and they’re proudly displayed in my own cube.

  2. I put the cube into the Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator. And by “Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator” I mean “my mouth”.

  3. @gstaff

    There’s one on my desk that’s about to go in my belly. I saved it from this morning. You should have planned better!

  4. For those interested: the cookie part is Lebkuchen, by the recipe in an old Joy of Cooking, made with lots of extra ginger and cinnamon. (J.O.C. gives all the basics about making cookie structures.) The bevelled parts are solid marzipan, colored mostly with Sanka dissolved in a wee bit of hot water. That combination is so tasty I hope people will break down and eat some!

  5. I Like The Cake, Although I Noticed That The Cube as A Bit Off In The Portals, The Other One Is A Copy, Backward, Too Much Of It On Other Side, Other Than That, It’s Great!

    “The Cake Is A Lie”… NOT! “The Cake Is Real, You Can See It In The Pictures!”