Top Xbox Downloads: January 2008


Fighter’s Stronghold stays #1, surpassing #2, Vile Lair, by almost twice as much. We did notice a sizeable increase in the number of players on Xbox Live, playing Oblivion, after the holidays. Thanks to everyone to purchased/gifted Oblivion to someone. 🙂

Top Five Oblivion Xbox Live downloads for January 2008*

1. The Fighter’s Stronghold
2. Vile Lair
3. The Wizard’s Tower
4. Spell Tomes
5. Mehrunes Razor

*ranked by number of times downloaded

Reader Comments

  1. It’s been formally announced for less than a year. Might be a little early to call it vaporware. Give us till this summer and then we can all talk about how it’s never coming out.

  2. Hi Pete! It’s likely you don’t remember my comment here ( about a month ago.
    I asked about further information regarding “Fighter’s Stronghold” and why there never was a “one-week-for-free” promotion in localized territories.
    Maybe you already got more info about that? But I guess, it’ll never be free anymore, right? 🙁

  3. I do recall Freeker and I did ask and never heard back from anyone. I will ask the folks at MS again about it. Unfortunately we don’t directly control how any of that works and so have done the best we can to make sure the right stuff goes up in the right places but it doesn’t always work like you plan.

  4. Those goody goody do gooders! How dare they knock down the all powerfull reign of villainy that is THE VILE LAIR!

    I will have to send my truly faithful beyond questioning Dark Minion to hunt these saintly fools down and put a mighty fright into their humble sanctified souls of light.

    So there! am not all bad they even get a free scare for purchasing THE FIGHTERS STRONGHOLD 😀

    Then again I could just be practicing false advertising.

  5. Thank you for your answer, Pete! 🙂 Really nice to see that you’re trying to clear things up. I appreciate that!
    However, I do understand your situation and it’s absolutely no problem if there is nothing you can do. I just wanted to inform you (or the people who are responsible for that) about the fact that there obviously went something wrong. Maybe there’s a chance to correct that mistake. And if not… no problem!
    At least I tried to do all german speaking Oblivion-Fans over here a favor 🙂

    Again, thank you for your valuable time!

  6. ps3 DLC? yeah yeah i know shivering isles made it out, and thats the biggest piece of dlc content offered. is it really that hard to get the rest out, or is it not even a priority?

  7. Would also like an update on the remaining DLC for PS3. If Shivering Isles is able to work as a download on the PS3, why can’t the rest of it.

    Is it a RAM issue?

  8. Same here, great news, but WHEN are you going to put the rest of the expansions on PSN for the PS3?

    Honestly guys, Oblivion is the greatest adventure game of all times in my opinion and you did some fabulous work creating it. But it just keeps getting more and more frustrating that x-box 360 users can enjoy all the other great stuff while PS3 users are forced to stick with only Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles.

    So, how long will it take before you finally realize that a great majority of your fans on the PS3 platform are starving for the rest of the expansions, which simply means good business as well as making yourself saints?

    C´mon, let us have it now!!
    We´re all tired of waiting!

    Cheers from Sweden

  9. I would also like to know when the rest of the DLC will be available for PS3. Considering how fast various other comments (and even complaints) get addressed in the comments section of this blog, I’m beginning to wonder how many people asking this very same question you’re willing to ignore. Is it so very hard to give those of us out here who spent $60 or more on your game (and want to spend more, to your benefit) an answer to a fairly simple question?

  10. I have to ask, I don’t care if it HAS been asked before.

    When, in the name of sweet, sweet Cyrodiil, will some DLC for Oblivion on (the god of all systems) PS3 be released? I HAVE to get into that Orrery. My curiosity is gonna set my head on fire. I’d also like to feel like ruler of all Tamriel in Frostcrag Spire.

    I also gotta ask if patches like the PC version will be released on the PS3 as well. I hate not bein able to complete things because someone went missing due to the game glitching. And putting a couple more enchantments on armors would be cool too.

  11. Lord Malus

    Any future updates and/or patches, and what they might include or address, would be determined by our tech folks at the office. If we have any info on upcoming updates/patches, we’ll release that info on the official web site and forums, so please check back there.